Friendship Day: Vikranth – Vedanth Vashishta Are The Best Anna-Thamma Jodi – Bros For Life

Parinika Uchil

August 2, 2019

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The Zee Kannada show Gattimela is hands down the topmost show in the state and has raised bars in terms of entertainment. For those of you who don’t know, this lovely show was ranked No 1 in entire South India last week, along with finding a spot in the top five shows in the entire country. The show focuses on the life of Amulya Manjunath, a girl hailing from a typical middle-class family and Vikranth Vashishta, a young but very successful businessman. How they meet, how their families come together and well, now how they will fall in love forms the whole story. Why we absolutely love the show is because of how well-knit it is. From packed punch lines like ‘Yen thamashe na’ to hilarious phrases like ‘Shunti Shankra’ to setting an emotional connect with the audience, Gattimela has become extremely famous all over the state and country.

To interest you further, today we have a very cute topic to cover, which is the bond that is Brotherhood. Vedanth absolutely adores his younger brother Vikranth. Although when the show began the two brothers weren’t so close to each other, over time Vedanth has proved that if you have an elder brother it should be like him. These two young gentlemen have formed the strongest bond and we couldn’t be more proud. So let’s check out why they both are the best Anna-Thamma Jodi on the Zee Kannada roster, ever.

1. Protective nature 

They both are protective of each other. Vedanth more than Vicky actually. The former is the kind of brother who will always keep you safe. Especially after the suicide attempt by Vicky, Vedanth has become even more protective about his little brother. #Awww

2. They are more friends than brothers 

Vicky treats his brother like a friend. With his famous pet name ‘Agraja’ for Vedanth, Vicky always finds a way to shower his brother with love. Also, like how best friends do, these two guys are always up to something together (dressing up to enter Aarthi’s function)

Vikranth And Vedanth In A Still
Source: ZEE5

3. Sharing secrets no matter what it may be

Even though Vedanth tells Vicky everything (including what a scoundrel Gautham is), Vicky never takes his brother seriously. However, when it is the other way around, Vedanth always has his best interest in mind when it comes to Vicky. For example, even though he hates women, he has found a way to converse with Amulya only so that Vicky and Aarthi can become one. I mean if that’s not the biggest proof of how much he loves his brother, then what is?

4. Young, Dashing and Handsome

Yep, add Vedanth and Vikranth to the top dashing duo of the Zee Kannada Kutumba because both of them have the equal amount of oomph factor needed to get the show running, All-female fans will know what I am talking about! In the hot or not list, these two should be scored 150 out of 100. Isn’t it?

Which is your favourite reason for loving the two Vashishta brothers on Gattimela? Write your reasons and send it to us in the space given below.

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