Friendship Day Special: The Yaarana Of Ranjha-Babban, Amandeep-Surjan, Heer-Nimmo

Zee Punjabi has established new goals in friendship. So, let us celebrate the best friends from your favourite shows here.


July 22, 2020


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What is life without friends? A single friend can change one’s world. He or she can be one’s reason for living or the greatest emotional support. Unlike our blood relations, we choose our friends. Making trusted friends and being someone’s confidant is a big achievement. So on the special occasion of Friendship Day, Zee Punjabi celebrates the duos that set up new examples of friendship.

Watch a fine example of friendship here:

1. Ranjha-Babban

Ranjha and Babban in Heer Ranjha (Source: ZEE5)

Let’s start our list with the awesome show Heer Ranjha. Apart from setting from love goals, the show also shows us two fine examples of friendship. The first one is Ranjha (Amaninder Pal Singh) and Babban (Raghav Gautam). They are a fine example of  the phrase ‘brother from another mother.’ Right from childhood, Babban and Ranjha have stayed together. Ranjha risked his life for Babban and even Babban put his life at stake on his friend. Babban got married to Nimmo on Ranjha’s decision, and he didn’t even question him once. Aisi hoti hai yaari. 

2. Amandeep-Surjan

Amandeep aka Rohit Handa and Surjan aka Mukul Sharma (Source: ZEE5)

In dono ki yaari ka kya kehna? This duo from Tu Patang Main Dor is can lighten up the screen as soon they appear. Amandeep (Rohit Handa) and Surjan (Mukul Sharma) are like two sides of a coin, because they always stay together, fight for each other, and understand each other well. Amandeep is a kind-hearted guy whereas Surjan is smart and has a high temper. If Amandeep has managed to secure a visa for Pakistan, one of the reasons behind this is Surjan’s constant support. You can check out their friendship by reading this piece.

3. Arman-Tarunpal 

Arman and Tarunpal in Khasma Nu Khani (Source: ZEE5)

This is another yaarana that we enjoy to watch. Khasma Nu Khani‘s Arman (Navdeesh Arora) had the sole support of his bestie Tarunpal (Gurpreet Maan). Tarunpal had saved Arman from getting caught with Simple (Sukhpreet Trehan) many times. However, now their friendship is going through a bad phase and we can only wish they come together once again.

4. Heer-Nimmo 

A still from the Heer Ranjha (Source: ZEE5)

If Ranjha has Babban, then Heer has Nimmo. Heer (Sara Gurpal) and Nimmo (Jasleen Randhawa) are the best of buddies and Heer protects Nimmo like her sister. When Heer gets to know about Nimmo getting married to Kaido, she does her best to stop their marriage. Heer can fight with anyone for Nimmo, even with Ranjha. After Nimmo and Babban’s marriage, Heer gets upset with Ranjha for arranging the marriage without asking Nimmo.

5. Zarina-Banno

Zarina and Bano from Tu Patang Main Dor (Source: ZEE5)

Here we have another bestie jodi from Tu Patang Main Dor. Zarina (Chetna Singh) can give her life for little Banno (Gyanada Nalwa). Zarina expresses her love for Banno every time. She even puts her honour at risk, just to save her friend from an unhealthy marriage. Zarina is like an elder sister to Banno, while Banno considers her to be the sole supporter of her dreams.

6. Deshveer-Mahi

Shehnaz Saher with Jashn Kohli (Source: ZEE5)

What? Don’t you remember what Shahrukh said in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Pyaar dosti hai. Yes, love is friendship and these two are friends who can’t help but fight with each other, yet they also stand up for one another. Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) calls Deshveer (Jashn Kohli) Saleda and Deshveer addresses Mahi as Kirli. They love to argue but they care for each other.

So these are Zee Punjabi’s fantastic duos who are proud of their friendships. Share your favourite dosti in the comment section below.

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