Friendship Day: Janaki-Nanditha To Kamali-Anika, 5 Besties Who Give Us Friendship Goals

Parinika Uchil

August 2, 2019

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There is a famous saying, ‘Friends are the family that we get to choose’, so before we get deeper into this adorable relationship, here’s wishing all of you a happy friendship day on behalf of the Zee Kannada Kutumba. A day to celebrate all kinds of friendship, be it amongst best friends or colleagues, today is your day to have fun with your geleyas. Ideally, friendship is a very important relationship every person must experience in their lifetime. On the occasion of Friendships Day, today we bring you something very unique.

You must have observed that on your favourite Zee Kannada shows, that the antagonist and the leads are arch-nemesis’. But in real life did you know that these stars are really good friends? Let’s now take a look at seven such friendships that will light up your face in an instant.

1. Janaki and Nanditha from Jodi Hakki

The hit show Jodi Hakki, that recently went off air saw some age-old rivalry, some love and some family drama apt for all types of audiences. Remember Janaki and Nanditha? The two biggest rivals of all time? Well in real life, Chaithra Rao (Janaki) and Nanditha (Pallavi Gowda) are really good friends as confirmed by the former in an EXCLUSIVE interview with us.

2. Kamali and Anika 

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Their rivalry is based on many things, Anika doesn’t like Kamali for her low-caste status. Similarly, Kamali despises Anika during the times she takes the evil path and tries to change her for the better. Furthermore, Kamali and Rishi are in love, another reason for Anika to hate Kamali so much. However, Amulya Gowda (Kamali) and Rachana Smith (Anika) are chummy pals in real life. This picture is total proof.

3. Paaru and Damini

Damini hates Paaru for similar reasons as Anika hates Kamali, because of her worker-class status. Damini always tries to show Paari her rightful place in the house which is at her foot. However, you have no idea the fun and frolic that goes on between Sithara (Damini) and Mokshitha Pai (Paaru). Hanging out together in between shots and taking Tiktok videos is their thing. 

4. Shanaya and Subbi from Subbalakshmi Samsara

While Subbi hates Shanaya and vice versa over Gurumurthy, Deepa Bhaskar (Subbi) and Shanaya (Samikshaa) are good friends in real life. So much so that Samikshaa even attended Deepa’s play recently. Their goofy picture will settle all your doubts if you have any.

5. Maya and Belli from Yaare Nee Mohini

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On the show Yaare Nee Mohini right now, Maya is scheming to put an end to Belli, who is so popular with everyone. In real life though, Sushma Shekhar (Belli) and Maya (Aishwarya Baspure) hang out often. Two thumbs up for these two ladies for their friendship.

6. Radha and Krishna from Radha Kalyana

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Now comes the interesting bit. Since Radha Kalyana has just started, why don’t we look at the two arch-rivals on the show, Radha and Shri Krishna? Radhika Rao and Amith have done fabulously till now trying to show us that when two people hate each other they do it to extremes. The reality, however, is different. Their cute picture is all I needed to show to prove that they have become pals offscreen now.  

7. Hiranmayi and Katyayani from Mahadevi 

Katyayani has hated Hiranmayi from the time she stepped into her house. And even though you may feel like Katyayani wants to kill Hiranmayi, in reality, Gagana V (Hiranmayi) and Spoorthi (Katyayani) are the best of friends. See their lovely smiles here? That’s friendship right there. Keep scrolling right on top! 

Time to choose your favourite offscreen friendship on the Zee Kannada roster. Send in your choices in the space given below.

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