Friendship Day 2020: 5 Zee Marathi Jodis Of Friends That Fit Together like Puzzle Pieces

Ankita Tiwari

July 22, 2020


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1. Sai-Naina

Every year on a particular day, the bond of friendship is celebrated. The unconditional, non-judgemental, and pure bond that sets one free, friendship are cherished by everyone. Zee Marathi has given us a few pairs of best friends that have left a lasting impact on us. These friends are exclusively made for each other and fit into each other’s lives like puzzle pieces! Don’t believe us? Check out this exclusive friendship list!

Watch an episode of the show Maza Hoshil Na here.

Maza Hoshil Na’s Sai and Naina are perfect for each other. They listen to each other’s woes and help in solving them. Naina comes to pick Sai up for college every day. When Sai wanted to fight with Aditya, Naina accompanied her. Naina did not even have a grudge against Aditya. When Naina fell for Aditya, Sai did her best to be their Cupid. Isn’t this exactly what friendship is about?

2. Gurunath-Kedya

Gurunath and Kedya are the funniest but the best of friends. Gurunath and Kedya both are conniving and evil people, but neither hates the other. They both put themselves up on a pedestal and they are similar in more than these two ways. When Gurunath needed help in fooling Shanaya, Kedya helped him. Kedya even fooled Mrs Sabnis and Shanaya further but Gurunath did not mind it much. Two evil cons together make the best of friends, don’t they?

3. Radhika-Jenny

Radhika and Jenny’s friendship is one of the purest ones. Radhika respects and helps her sub-ordinate as she is also her confidante and best friend. When Jenny and Anand announce their wedding or that they have a baby on the way, Radhika is the happiest person. She also helps arrange a baby shower and showers them with gifts. In turn, Jenny also helps Radhika by counselling her and advising her on life matters! A true friend supports us no matter what, right?

4. Saumitra-Maya

Saumitra and Maya’s friendship breaks the stereotypes of a girl and a boy being best friends! Saumitra and Maya have been friends since childhood. They understand each other and know what the other is thinking without them saying a word. Friendship is telepathic, isn’t it?

5. Isha And Rupali

Isha and Rupali’s friendship was seen in Tula Pahate Re. The duo is seen to be supportive and helpful to each other in every way. Rupali helped Isha by listening to her and helping her out of her problems. She even consoled the latter when she came to her with her visions and dreams about Rajnandini.

Do you have a friend who fits with you like a piece of the puzzle? Comment below their name!

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