Train Derails And Catches Fire Causing Partial Collapse Of 100-Year-Old Bridge In Arizona

The train was going over the Tempe Town Lake Bridge when the accident took place

Raghav N

July 30, 2020

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A major fire broke out in Tempe City in Arizona, United States of America when a freight train derailed on a bridge over the Tempe Town Lake, on Wednesday, 29 July.

This led to the bridge partially collapsing, which is known to have withstood more than 100 years of flooding and devastation. The incident happened at about 6.30 am local time when the train derailed with eight to 10 cars catching fire.

A derailed tanker was labelled with a ‘hazardous material’ sign and some lumber debris was also spotted in the lake.

It is not yet known if anyone has been injured in this fire. The exact cause of the accident is also currently under investigation.

The locals of the city said thick smoke from the bridge could be seen for miles and miles.

Tempe has stopped all boating activities and classes due to the derailment. The lake will remain closed until further notice.

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