Forget Sherlock Holmes, Faster Fene Might Just Become Your Favourite Detective

Banesh Fene shows us the adorable qualities of the detective that you can relate to.

Manjiri Shete

July 25, 2019


3 min


Being a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and Hardy Boys, I, too, once upon a time aspired to be a detective. My passion for being an investigator was rekindled when I saw Faster Fene produced by Riteish Deshmukh on ZEE5. Apart from Amey Wagh’s impeccable act, I loved how smoothly he fit into the role of this young detective/college student. He was fast, smart and unstoppable. Being a millennial myself, here are qualities of Banesh Fene that make you fall in love with him!

Before you proceed, watch Faster Fene to jog your memory

1. His tech-savvy attitude

Smartphone Addict.
A still from the film Faster Fene.

Living in the 21st century, it has become mandatory to update yourself with the latest iPhone or the best boombox available in the market. It is interesting to see how Fene has kept himself in pace with these inventions. His watch definitely pulled my attention.

2. His obsession with WhatsApp

A still from the film Faster Fene.
A still from the film Faster Fene.

When Fene’s mom tells him to make a family WhatsApp group, I couldn’t help but give him a virtual hi-fi. This is a story in every family. We have become our parents’ social media managers lately; from updating their Facebook/ Instagram to teaching them the nitty-gritty  of Whats App. It all comes under the package deal of being a child.

3.  His love for nature

Amey Wagh and Parna Pethe in the film Faster Fene.
A still from the film Faster Fene.

With the worldwide attention towards global warming, everyone has become aware more than ever to take steps towards protecting our planet. Fene’s affection for saving the Mother Nature is not only relatable, but also inspiring.

4. His need to help people

Amey Wagh from the scene in Faster Fene.
A scene from the film Faster Fene.

It is necessary to give back to the society who has done so much for us. Seeing Mr Bhagwat in trouble, Fene jumps at the opportunity to help him (even though they are as good as strangers). Thanks to Fene, Mr Bhagwat in return even decides to nurture the child who robbed his house!

We would love to know which your favourite quality of our Marathi detective, Banesh Fene. Let us know in the comments below!

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