Fingertip Review: Watch This Eye-Opener That Tells Why You Mustn’t Misuse Social Media

In a nutshell, Fingertip is an alarm clock that we all need to wake up from our slumber. Watch it now to know the “side effects” of social media.

August 22, 2019


4 min


After a gripping ten-part series titled Postman, ZEE5 has another intriguing original in store for you. And it’s a perfect gift those who thrive on social media and people, who wish to know what it is all about. Fingertip, a five-episode Original series directed by Shivakar and produced by Vishnu Vardhan Films, is an ideal way of educating people about the “side-effects” of social media.

The makers have beautifully structured five independent stories with a couple of common characters fitted rationally into the narrative. The five stories are titled Greed, Rage, Betrayal, Lust and Vengeance. Each of these reflects the negativities implanted in the human psyche. When a person fails to draw the line, he succumbs to his weakness. And as a result, he not only ruins his life but puts everyone related to him, to shame. The makers have used five fictitious online apps in their narrative to paint a picture that depicts the life we live in the age of the internet and social networking.

The series begins with an episode titled Greed that revolves around the life of a couple hailing from an upper-middle-class family. Rekha is a working professional married to a psychiatrist named Vijay. Everything looks perfect until Rekha gets addicted to an App called Clicker. She aspires to become a social media influencer and loses her sense of balance while trying to realise her dream.

In the subsequent episode titled Rage, an elderly citizen who happens to be a retired banker falls prey to the fake news racket. This specific chapter proves how an irresponsible “forward” ruins not only a person’s image but his life. The protagonist – Krishnamoorthy’s life turns upside down because of the reckless use of an App called Gibber by people at large. Read on to know why Fingertip is a must-watch.

Titled Betrayal, the third episode highlights the relationship of two college-goers whose friendship goes kaput owing to a misunderstanding. One of them makes an objectionable post on an App called Myamigo from the other’s phone to avenge betrayal. Vidhya’s impulsive action lands Priya and her family in deep trouble. Sadly, true friendship has remained confined only to a handful of people who look beyond social media to find real friends.

After betrayal, its time for Lust to prove how deadly it is. The Fourth episode is about Raghavan, an IT professional and a post-graduation student named Sandhya. The two find each other on a dating App called Cupid. How things unfold after the couple meets in person, will make your jaw drop.

And last but not least, the concluding episode titled Vengeance will leave you speechless. It’s about an actor who is popular among the masses as well as the class. He is quite vocal on an App called ExpressIt and enjoys an ocean of fan following. And one day, everything comes to a screeching halt.

The makers have brilliantly woven five unrelated stories with a common thread to tell people what they might invite if they misuse social media. The actors Sunaina, Madusudhan Rao, Akshara Hassan, Gayathri and Ashwin Kakumanu have done a commendable job. The style of presentation and the treatment of the scripts are impeccable.

In a nutshell, Fingertip is an alarm clock that we all need to wake up from our slumber. Watch Fingertip right away and for more entertainment, watch Simba, the story of friendship between a man and a dog.

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