Find Out What UP Gangster Shiv Prakash Shukla Said A Few Days Before Getting Killed

Rukmini Chopra

May 22, 2019


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If you don’t know about Shiv Prakash Shukla-one of the nation’s most dreaded criminals- watch Rangbaaz. The gripping Zee5 original series starring Saqib Saleem as the lead, tells the story of this gangster. He was only 25 when killed by the Special Forces Task team, after a long chase. But Shiv’s young age was no factor in stopping him from becoming a ruthless murderer who wished to become powerful and famous.

Have a look at his journey in this thrilling series here.

Shiv was an innocent young man, studying and residing in Gorakhpur before his life changed. He committed his first murder by killing a man who eve teased his sister. After that, there was no stopping Shiv who joined a politician and killed his rivals when asked to. The criminal soon earned a reputation by working for various other politicians and eliminating their opponents. 

Saqib Saleem In A Scene From Rangbaaz
Saqib Saleem In A Scene From Rangbaaz

He was counted amongst India’s most wanted and UP police was on a chase to nab him. But being the clever lad that he was, Shiv resided in some of the politician’s houses and asked for protection. He even consistently changed his cars and cell phones, to avoid getting caught.

A special task force team was created to catch Shiv. But the chase lasted for nearly two to three months as Shiv would outwit the police every time. However, you can’t run away from the law for too long, can you? The SPF team finally caught hold of Shiv and killed him. 

But a few days before getting killed, the gangster had called up the UP police and told them something so shocking, that it speaks volumes of his greed and fearlessness. He called up a senior official and said, “Mera sapna hai ki is pure desh mein apna ekchhatra bol bala ho (my ambition is to become the Number One don in this country).” 

It’s clear that Shiv was a ruthless soul, that didn’t give up no matter what. Saqib Saleem does full justice to the mafia’s character in Rangbaaz and you need to watch it right away!

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