Father’s Day Special: 9 Typical Dialogues Every Indian Father Has Used On Their Kid

Ashutosh Oak

June 16, 2019


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Happy Father’s Day


It’s the day when we celebrate in the honour of our father and all those who have been a father figure and supported us in our lives. We truly appreciate the efforts of a father as no one else in this world can be more selfless than him. This relation is way more different than that of a mother and child. It has drama, comedy, love and lots and lots of sarcasm.

We as Indian are used to this sarcasm and even when we are talking about our mother and her greatness, we tend to include our father. Here is an example of an emotional song for mom which had lyrics “Jab Bhi Kabhi Papa Mujhe, Zor Zor Se Jhula Jhulate Hai Maa, Meri Nazar Dhoondhe Tujhe, Sochun Yahi Tu Aake Thaamegi Maa.” Surely we can surely relate to this, isn’t it? Today, on this special occasion, we thought of sharing 9 typical dialogues that Indian fathers use at least once in their life. 

Don’t Teach Your Father


In most of the houses, a child is always been taught that a father is the most intelligent man in the house and he is the one who takes the decision. As you become young, you learn new things and whenever you try to tell him about something that he doesn’t know, he will say this popular dialogue

Ask You Mother


Though he is the decision maker of the house but things like giving permission to kids for an outing is something that comes under moms jurisdiction. Even when you ask him about something that you have lost in the house, the replies stays the same.

Who Is This New Friend?


This is a dialogue that works differently with male and female kids. If you are a girl and your father sees you with a  guy, this is the very first question he will ask. While the context of the dialogue changes with time and when you are in the age frame of getting married. This question initiates the discussion about your marriage plans.  

When I Was Your Age…


You can’t really get enough of this dialogue as this is something you will hear once in every month. It doesn’t matter if you stay with them or you stay on another continent. There is always a comparison of his behaviour when he was your age. This involves topics like money, career, life and everything that exists.

You Will Understand When You Become A Father


When they think they have taught you enough lessons from the past, they get started with the future. When they ask you to do something and you don’t feel that it is logical, this is one phrase that can be used in any of the arguments to make the point, leaving you startled. 

We Are Not Your Servants


Okay, we take this on us. Living with parents has its own advantages and disadvantages. We often leave our stuff here and there thinking our parents will clean up. While the mother cleans it for us but dad is the one who makes it a point to teach us a lesson and makes us do things on our own. 

Talent Is In Our Blood


As much as he complains about our irresponsible behaviour, he also motivates us to perform better in life. When his child achieves a milestone in life, he is the happiest person in the world. He may or may not tell you but he is more emotional than your mom, it’s just that he prefers to keep it cool.

I’ll Handle It


Ah! the most reliable and the happiest dialogue to end our list, is this one. No matter how great the problem is or how challenging is the situation, he knows how to handle it very well. Even when you make a mistake and about to get scolded from mom, he is the one who saves you from her and manages to calm down your mom.

Thank you, dad, for being our superhero, we love you 3000!

Share these dialogues with your daddy dearest and gift him a smile.

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