#FashionFriday: Pictures Of Tarunpal AKA Gurpreet Maan That Prove He Is A Stud


July 17, 2020


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1. Bonny Blue


Khasma Nu Khani’s Tarunpal (Gurpreet Maan) is Arman Arora’s (Navdeesh Arora) shield. Tarunpal is Arman’s best friend and also his saviour. There are many instances when Tarunpal has proved his friendship to Arman and saved him from getting into trouble with Deshpreet (Harsimran Oberoi). Well, in the show, we usually see Tarunpal in a simple tucked-in shirt. But here we are some photos of Maan in fashionable clothes that prove him to be quite the stud in real life.

Watch Arman and Tarunpal’s fight here:

Gurpreet looks so dapper with a spiked hairdo and sky blue jacket, doesn’t he? His Ranveer Singh-style twirled moustache can make any girl swoon. Thoda believe karna muskil hai na… ki aehi Tarunpal hai? But that’s him, we promise!

2. The Open Shirt


Tarunpal can win the heart of Simple (Sukhpreet Trehan) if he meets her in these clothes. A printed shirt left open over his chest with white trousers and brown shoes. Gurpreet shared this image with the caption, ”Tere toh olamba rehna hai, saari umar na tetho lehna hai.

3. Khad-Khad Vekhe


Gurpreet totally believes in making waves silently. In the show too, there are scenes where he speaks volumes with his expressions. In a tight, white tee with light-blue skinny jeans, Gurpreet shares his life mantra, ”Say less… Do more.”

4. The Dreamer


Gurpreet has made a mark for himself in a show where the trio of Arman, Deshpreet, and Simple overshadows everything else. It seems that he is risk-taker and a dreamer. Look at this picture of him in a denim jacket above a white tee and jeans with tan shoes. Gurpreet says, ”Promise yourself, No matter how hard it gets. You’ll never give up on your DREAMS.” Well said, Maan.

5. The Intense Gaze


In a comic-strip shirt and black jeans, Gurpreet looks like a falcon who’s ready to fly sky-high. He has shared the picture with the caption, ”उड़ने का शौक रखने वाले कभी गिरने का खौफ नहीं रखा करते.”

6. The Sardar’s Crown


It is said that a turban is a Sikh’s crown. Gurpreet looks so macho and dashing in a plain tee, which is set off by the crown he is wearing. Hi silver kada only adds to the desi glamour.

So these are some surprising pictures of Gurpreet Maan that show a different perspective of him. Do share your thoughts about him in the comment section below.

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