#FashionFriday: 8 Sarees Of Akhilandeshwari From Paaru That Will Blow Your Mind


March 13, 2020

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Go Green!

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Are you looking to treat your eyes with some of the most beautiful silk sarees ever seen? Here are some pictures of the very beautiful Vinaya Prasad aka Akhilandeshwari from Paaru who is not only a role model to the women of today but also a source of inspiration for all the saree ideas you need in the world!

Take a look!

Clad in a green saree, Akhila looks absolutely stunning. And while she is shouting at Paaru, her silk saree with a contrasting purple blouse is surely a distraction for us.

Standing Out In A Crowd

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Akhila looks stunning in this saree which stands out from the ones she usually wears. Wearing a darker shade of green, the zari botis on Akhila’s sarees is what gives her the larger-than-life look! Her beauty stuns us as much as it stuns Paaru in this frame!


Lady In Red

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We all know black goes with every outfit and every colour. As she wears a rich saree that is of a darker shade of red, she perfectly matches it with a black blouse. The zari border on the black blouse is what makes this outfit complete. What say?

Striking The Right Balance Between Red And Blue

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In this outfit, Akhila strikes a perfect balance between red and blue as she speaks to Raghu about her concerns with regard to her children in Parmeshwara’s house.

Orange Is The New Black

A Still When Akhilandeshwari Successfully Finds A Good Match For Paaru

Who would have thought of orange to look so good? Speak of looking vibrant, Akhila looks absolutely on point in this orange saree and matching blouse, doesn’t she?

Pink And Blue: A Classic Combination

Source: ZEE5

In this image, Akhila is seen in a navy blue saree with elaborate borders again, along with a pink blouse that really gives life to her outfit. A relatively brighter colour (pink) surely is the life of the outfit while navy blue plays its simplistic self.

Royal In Blue

Akhila tells Janani to seek her father's approval

In a scene where Akhila meets Preethu’s love interest Janani for the first time, she is seen wearing a rare kind of blue saree with heavy zari borders and other embroidery on it, making her look absolutely royal and regal.

Regal In Red

Source: ZEE5

Red connotes a lot. However, in this frame, her red saree with gold zari prints paired with a green blouse brings out the enraged character of Akhilandeshwari. How beautiful does she look in this one?

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