Fashion Friday: Witness Tejaswi Madivada Being Too Cool For Anyone And Everyone Right Here

Sneha Bale

June 26, 2020


1 min

1. All hail!


We have seen her on TV and in films. Tejaswi Madivada is no new name to our generation. The 28-year old actor-dancer is the one to stand out no matter where she is. Lately, we have been seeing her in Local Gangs on Zee Telugu. But here’s another side to her that we should have always never missed, in the first place. For all the people who have labelled and typecast her, here’s Tejaswi Madivada being the queen that she is. 

2. Sit like a girl, they said


Tejaswi’s image has always been that of a girl who isn’t ’ladylike’ enough. Despite all the noise, she continues to defy them and carve her own definitions. And, we’re glad she hasn’t listened to the chatter. Because her raw and honest self is what we absolutely love. 

3. A little style, all the time


Sitting on an upholstery could be a simple task, but making it look classy yet quirky is a whole new task. Dressed in a halter neck crop top and printed loose pants, Tejaswi is making it look like a cakewalk. 

4. Enough, always


Tejaswi is only dressed in a simple white mesh skirt and top. Co-ord sets have come to be popular only recently, but Tejaswi has been rocking it since time. 

5. Making dressy look simple


Every girl loves a good dress! And more often than not, we love it when our efforts come through. But Tejaswi isn’t one from the crowd. Here, she makes a runway-ready bright yellow dress look as casual as it can be. Fashionable and effortless, that’s a good combination. 

6. Not so casual


Everyone lounges in their most comfy clothes. But Tejaswi manages to look killer even in that. With a loose off-shoulder top and white hot-shorts, this girl is ready to take on the world. 

7. Fabric no bar


Finally, here she has adorns herself in a saree that has newspaper prints all over it. She added a black sequin sleeveless blouse with it and completed her look with a matte black belt tied to her upper waist.

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