Fashion Friday: Nikka Zaildar Star Wamiqa Gabbi Will Stun You With Her Style Statement


April 17, 2020


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Kashmiri Kudi


Sharing screen space with Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa and getting noticed is a challenge, but trust the pretty Punjabi actor Wamiqa Gabbi proves that with talent and confidence, you can make your mark and can give a standout performance anywhere. Nikka Zaildar 2 actor Wamiqa looks very seedhi-sadhi pind di kudi but her social media will shock you. Let’s gets started.

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Here is the first surprise for you. This Kashmir ki kali is none other then Saawan Kaur aka Wamiqa. What’s interesting is her edited smile. It makes you wonder why she did that. But that’s Wamiqa for you.

Adding A Cheer


Wamiqa is cheerful and a lively girl and this picture gives another solid proof of her personality. Her red jacket with ponytail and a big smile can give you a reason to smile yourself.

The Blonde Look


We just told you that Wamiqa can give you positivity goals, well, she can also give you some whacky goals. Here, Wamiqa is flaunting her new look and saying, “I thought I should show off my hair”. She also tagged herself as just being herself and bura na maano insaan hai. With this, you can assume that she doesn’t care about other people’s views and opinions.

Beauty In White


In a milky white saree, matching jewellery and a hearty laughter, Wamiqa can make anyone go crazy for her, isn’t it? Check her out looking oh-so-stunning here.

The Girl In Yellow Jacket


You have seen her as the emotional, sensitive girl. Now check out this avatar. Wamiqa has donned a yellow jacket, light blue jeans, and a white sachel. She looks like a stylish and focused girl who knows how to slay in style and with her work.

The Desi Kudi


Wamiqa in a saree is so soothing to the eye, isn’t it? She can carry off Punjabi suits and Western outfits well, but seeing her in a saree is nothing less than a treat. The actor should wear such sarees more often to keep us surprised.

The Quarantine Look


We didn’t want to share this, but even with tensed expression, she is looking pretty in this white top and blue jeans. You might be wondering, why she is so serious? Well, that’s her Quarantine look. Her social media post quotes Gulzar: “Kis qadar seedha, sahal, saaf hai rasta dekho, na kisi shaq ka saaya hai, na deevaar ki tek. Na kisi aankh ki aahat, na kisi chehre ka shor. Duur tak koi nahi, koi nahi, koi nahi”. 

So this was the andekha avatar of our Saawan Kaur aka Wamiqa. Do let us know your favourite look and don’t forget to browse through her social media.

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