Fashion Friday: 7 Looks By Basu Poribar Actor Sreenanda Shankar That Will Stun You


May 29, 2020


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1. Polka Dotted And Pretty


The lovely Sreenanda Shankar, daughter of famous dancer Tanushree Shankar; made her acting debut in Suman Ghosh’s latest Bengali film Basu Poribar, which is streaming on ZEE5. Watch it now as it is a quite a masterpiece depicting the familial traditions and issues of a typical aristocratic Bengali family. Sreenanda, a dancer herself, is also known for her great sense of style and fashion. Scroll down to check out some off her looks, both on screen and off it, that we loved.

In this picture, Sreenanda is wearing a black long-sleeved and V-necked dress with little white polka dots printed on it. She combines chic and casual effortlessly in this look, and looks extremely comfortable in it too! We love this simple, yet fashionable style.

Watch Sreenanda in the trailer of Basu Poribar here:


2. Think Pink


In this look from Basu Poribar, Sreenanda wore this gorgeous pink and gold saree for the grand celebration of Manjari and Pranab Basu’s 50th wedding anniversary in the latest Bengali  film. It certainly suited the occasion, and she carried it fabulously too.

3. Dripping In Gold


Sreenanda looks extremely glamorous in this glittery gold full-sleeved dress paired with large dangling gold earrings. Gold really suits her. This style is not complicated to borrow at all. You can wear your hair loose and flowing, just like her, and add a dash of colour to your face like a deep red or plum lipstick for contrast.

4. Representing Bengal


Sreenanda looks like a dream in this traditional Bengali style lal par shada saree. Her make-up impeccably complements to it too, with smoky eyes, nude lips and a red tip. Her red and white bangles are also a trademark Bengali accessory that many married women wear at all times.

5. Smart Casual


In a more casual look, Sreenanda sports a light pink collared shirt with blue jeans tucked into a pair of chic black heeled boots. She exudes confidence, comfort and style in equal measures. How cool is she!

6. Bright And Happy


Sreenanda looks super pretty in this colourful kantha saree with lots of pink, green, blue and red flower motifs on off-white. Worn with a bright yellow blouse, she is the very picture of style and beauty! You can complete the look with chunky oxidised jewellery just like her.

7. Black And Bling


In this uber comfortable yet fashionable style, Sreenanda sports a full-sleeved cotton jumpsuit in plain black, tied around the middle to accentuate her slim waist. It even has pockets (always a win!) and goes well with her accessories; which is a funky silver chain necklace, a checkered purse and stiletto-heeled shoes with pointy heels.

Which look by Sreenanda did you like the most?  Tell us with your comment in the section below.

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