EXCLUSIVE: ZEE5 Kannada Original Film Bhinna’s Maker Adarsh Gets Candid About His Journey

A humble man, with a big vision and a bucket load of talent, check out this CANDID interview with the director and writer of Bhinna, Adarsh Eshwarappa

Parinika Uchil

October 4, 2019

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Finally, we aren’t far from having our very first ZEE5 Original Kannada film Bhinna, directed and written by the talented Shuddhi director Adarsh Eshwarappa. Slated to release on 8th October 2019 on the ZEE5 platform, the psychological-thriller is set to blow your mind in terms of the well-knit concept. The story is about a woman named Kaveri, who is a budding actress and gets a script for her upcoming film. 

To get a first-hand understanding of the role, Kaveri takes a road trip to a rented house situated in the middle of the forest. However, things start to mess with her mind after she starts reading the script from the first night of her stay there. Characters from her script start coming to life in the form of the people she knows in real life. What happens next forms the crux of the plot. Paayal Radhakrishna, Shashank Purushotham, Siddharth Maadhyamika and Sowmya Jaganmurthy star in the film.

To get a deeper understanding of the film, we decided to do an EXCLUSIVE interview with director Adarsh about his journey and his expectations from Bhinna. Read on to find out more…

Q. From working at a BPO initially to becoming one of the finest directors and that too with your first film, how has been your journey so far?

A. It has been a roller coaster ride because I started off as a mechanical engineer, to begin with, so in my final semester is when I discovered that this is what I want to do. So almost for nine years, I was working in the corporate industry, I was working with different companies like Goldman Sachs, IBM, Dell and all those companies. As I was working with them, I took up a film-making course in Los Angeles, Hollywood. It is a film school called NYFA.

And then I came back to India and I was still working with the corporates till Shuddhi happened. It was my debut film which released in 2017 and won a state award. Only when I finished Shuddhi, I quit the job and completely took this up full time. So yes, the nine years journey that I completed till Shuddhi was definitely a roller-coaster ride because I was working in a night shift for the entire period of time.

And then I would use the day-time to do all these workshops and watching films and things like that. So ya, it was a great journey and now I can look back and tell people what I went through and actually I am very proud about  (chuckles), the entire journey.

Q. What expectations have you set for Bhinna after it releases given that Shuddhi has already set a bar for fans.

A. Yes, see Bhinna is a notch or two notches above Shuddhi (laughs) with respect to how complicated the screenplay is and as per the feedback I have got till now, you will need multiple viewing to, you know, decode the film and connect to it. Because people watching it just one time might not really immediately connect to it is what I feel because this is based on the pattern. I have met several people over the last two-three days when the screening happened.

So, people who are watching it the second time, third time are like blown away by the film, people watching it the first time are saying that we really did not get the emotional connect what we got with Shuddhi. So I was like a little surprised when I heard this for the first time but later I realised when I saw the pattern of multiple viewing giving them the emotional connection, I realised that that’s the way to go forward.

So in that way, the film coming digitally is really a great boon because if it was released in a theatre I don’t think so it would have gone for a second watch or a third watch since they have to, you know, once again go through all the pain of buying the tickets (laughs). But now it is on digital, I am sure people will go back and watch the film second time or third time but they will connect to it the way I wanted them to connect with it.

Q. Could you give us any spoiler from the film, for fans?

A. There is a woman in the film, Kaveri, which is the name of the character, who goes on a solo bike-ride. So the number plate of the bike reads ‘PK’ which stands for Puttana Kanagal, who is a senior member of our Kannada film industry and this film is actually a tribute to him. And the entire number format of that bike, rather on the number plate is actually his date of birth.

So there is one shot that starts right on the number plate and then the bike moves away from the camera so I am not sure how many people have seen it but ya that is actually his name and since he is from Karnataka, there is KA as well in it and then, of course, the date of birth.

Q. How does it feel to know that Bhinna will directly release on ZEE5 rather than theatre?

A. It is a little overwhelming and I have been receiving a lot of calls, even today morning I got two-three calls because there a few articles that have been published in newspapers today early morning. It has been happening for a while now. So people are more curious than me to know, even people from the industry are curious to know how this is going to work out (chuckles).

And they actually want to get their film an opportunity to be released online like how I am doing. Because of all the issues faced especially in Karnataka, with respect to the show timings, the release and getting the screens that we want, every other filmmaker making a film on a smaller budget is actually suffering to get shows in. So I am kind of feeling great when I don’t have to depend on, you know, on someone else releasing their film and then I release my film.

So my audience is there, they are waiting for the film to come and the moment it’s on, they will just go and watch the film. And also another thing which occurred to me in the past few days as I said is the multiple viewing thing which is going to work great for the film. That would not have happened if it had gone to the theatres as much as it will happen now when it will come on ZEE5.

Q. Puneeth Rajkumar has given much appreciation for Bhinna, how does that make you feel?

A. It feels great. I think it started off when my executive producer had been to Mumbai and showed it to Aamir Khan as well, the trailer, and then Appu is another star, so there is two big actors from two big industries, one from Bollywood, one from Sandalwood, talking about the film. That’s a great feeling. I just wish we somehow get a chance to show them the film as well and ask them to, you know, (laughs) talk about it.

While we bring the second part of this EXCLUSIVE interview with the ZEE5 Original Kannada film Bhinna’s director Adarsh, don’t forget to send in your love and best wishes to the team, in the space below.

Watch the teaser of Bhinna here, to get a glimpse of the film, here on your ZEE5.

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