EXCLUSIVE: ZEE HEROES Prepare To Solve Simple Equations But It’s A Tough Ride

Sneha Bale

September 13, 2019


1 min

The task


Last week, our heroes had to break a leg and impress the audience, whilst snakes and baby crocodiles kept them company in the compact box with rain showers. After surviving that, this week in ZEE HEROES, they are in for a simple task, or so they think. All they have to do is solve simple math equations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The twist


No task in this reality game is complete without the host, Lakshmi Manchu’s personal touch of difficult twists. This time, the contestants will have to run from corner to another to find the missing pieces of puzzles. These missing pieces (numbers) will be locked in boxes and there are a total of 30 keys for the few boxes.

The difficulty


What’s a hero unless they’ve done daredevil tasks, right? Lakshmi knows how to test her contestants’ heroism. So, they will be on a plank, running from one place to another, which will be balanced on two scaffolding towers extended to the total height of 18 feet, on two trailer trucks.

The teamwork


Team Ashva and Team Gaja seem to be fully motivated to go and get the task completed. From team Ashva, Anudeep helps them solve the equations. Ram Prasad opens the boxes as Srishti runs on the plank on one side. On the other side, Tejaswi runs on the plank as Akarsh opens the boxes. From team Gaja, Milind helps his team solve the equations. Apoorva helps Sunanda with the boxes and Samrat helps Vidyullekha with the boxes.

The face-off


After completing the task successfully, it was time for the face-off which would declare the Garuda contender. The losing team had to throw colourful discs at the winner team members, separately. The one to hold the maximum was the Garuda contender.

The Garuda winner


The Garuda winner, our little birdies tell us, was one from the team that’s considered to be weak. That contender will be fighting against Vidyullekha, the Garuda contender from last week’s challenge. Who will win?

Place your bets now and don’t forget to watch ZEE HEROES on ZEE5, before TV on 16 September 2019. For now, check out Pradeep Machiraju’s chat show Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta.

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