EXCLUSIVE! Yours Truly Actor Soni Razdan: I Relate To Mithi Kumar Because I Do Feel Lonely

In Sanjoy Nag’s film Yours Truly, Soni plays 57-year-old government employee Mithi Kumar who falls in love with the voice of a station announcer.

Aayushi Sharma

May 7, 2019


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An elderly single woman is often perceived and stereotyped to be a bitter person. She is lonely, after all, some would argue, frustrated, maybe. In a beautiful departure and break away from this common belief, Sanjoy Nag rewrites a notion in his latest offering Yours Truly. In the film, Soni Razdan plays a 57-year-old government employee on the brink of retirement. Soni’s character Mithi Kumar comes from Kolkata and finds love in the voice of a railway station announcer. The film is her ordeal with loneliness, longing to find the ‘one made for her’ and love.

In an exclusive conversation with us during the film’s release on ZEE5, Soni revealed that “Yours Truly has touched a core in people.” We asked her how much she relates to her character Mithi from the film, she responded, “We are all lonely in our own spaces. I do feel lonely. That’s how I relate to Mithi.” 

Soni Razdan in a still from Yours Truly film
(Source: ZEE5)

Elaborating on the theme of the film and the reason it struck a chord with the viewers, she said, “We underestimate how lonely we are. We realise we live in big cities and we think we are not lonely at all. We don’t realise there is that seed of loneliness in all of us. We may not identify with it, the character, and not exactly feeling lonely all the time. But there is an understanding of loneliness in all of us. That is what the film taps into. We can relate to it.”

During the conversation, the Raazi star asserted that the current age of cinema are “really exciting times as an industry.” “There are so many films made for the youth. But so few films are made for the people over the age of 45 and 50, at least in our country. We should not neglect this section of our audience, so drastically. Particularly now when the content is available in all kinds of places, on so many platforms. The process of watching movies is becoming more and more intimate. So we can make more intimate movies. You don’t have to watch those blockbuster movies that are run in the hall. You no longer have to catch a train or a bus or a rickshaw to go to the theatres to watch a film,” she added.

Besides Soni, Yours Truly also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Aahana Kumra in pivotal roles. The film has been directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Sanjoy Nag.

Think you’d give Yours Truly a watch? Read our review of Yours Truly here before you decide!

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