Exclusive: We Are Always Hurt Very Easily, Says Hutatma Director Jayprad Desai

Rukmini Chopra

May 5, 2019


3 min

The much awaited ZEE5 original Marathi series Hutatma has finally released. The series tells the story of the Samyukta Maharashtra movement, that led to the creation of the state with Mumbai as its capital. Creator of the show Jayprad Desai in an exclusive chat with us, talks about his journey in conceptualising the series. “The show is based on a book and when I read it, I found the characters to be extremely real and endearing. I thought it could lend itself to a format of web series very well. The audience is eager to hear stories that are well told.”

Watch the first episode of Hutatma here.

Unlike in films where censorship is practiced extensively, the concept hasn’t invaded the web space yet. Ask Jayprad if this gives creators the freedom to experiment with more content and he says that he doesn’t have a problem with censorship but more with the way “it is practiced.” “In theory censorship is quite valid but in practice, it is misused a lot of times. But I also feel over a period of time, censorship should evolve. There needs to be some sort of restraint from artists. All art has some responsibility attached to it,” says the director.

He adds that we as Indians are “quite sensitive” towards social issues and political topics. “We are always hurt very easily. What art always does is that it brings sensitive topics to the fore and it desensitizes you towards these issues.” Jayprad adds that because the first and the second World War has been covered so extensively in the West, people have washed away the bitterness and pain associated with these incidents.

A Still From The Sets Of Hutatma
A still from the sets of Hutatma

“People have watched stuff on it so often that they don’t take it personally anymore. I think that is also a way of opening up and being more liberal. The more you present and write about such topics, the more tolerant we will become,” he opines.

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Catch all the episodes of Hutatma here, exclusively on ZEE5. 

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