EXCLUSIVE: Varun Tej And Valmiki Director Harish Shankar Have A Blast On Pradeep’s KTUC

Sneha Bale

September 20, 2019


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The guests for the night


This week on Pradeep Machiraju’s talk show, Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta, we have two interesting guests. Before the release of the new action-drama titled Valmiki, the actor-director duo – Varun Tej and Harish Shankar –graced the show.

Watch the previous episode here:

Another funny introduction


We all know that Pradeep masters the art of hosting and making every situation funny. After playing Nani’s role in the last episode, this episode too, he introduces the episode with a funny sketch.

Bringing the rowdy out


During the show, Varun Tej seems to be in his Valmiki spirit. In fact, he even enacted the catchy line from the trailer, “Manam batukutunnam ani 10 mandi ki telvaka pote… inka batukudu enduku ra?

A little trivia


If you have been watching KTUC for some time, you will know that Pradeep loves getting new information and details out of the stars. Varun Tej was no different. Pradeep got Varun to reveal some trivia about his beard. The actor graciously explained that he had to take care of his beard, which he grew over a span of eight months. Intense, right?

Rowdy in real life


In another round of banter with Pradeep, Varun revealed that he is usually rowdy-like. But hey… don’t be afraid of his extreme height and aggressive aura. Because that’s reserved only for his close friends.

Harish Shankar having fun


The director, Harish Shankar too had his share of fun on Pradeep’s KTUC couch. A moment came when Pradeep was reeling in the heartfelt compliment given to him by the director. But it didn’t last too long because the director was in the same spirit as the host and he quickly changed the heartfelt compliment to a joke.

More fun


Let’s just say that Pradeep’s height became the butt of the joke. And honestly, we are not surprised. Varun Tej, who was in the rowdy mode, can make fun of anyone who could come in front of him. After all, he is 6 feet 2 inches.

Family talk


Varun Tej belongs to the Konidela family. There is no way that he could get out of the KTUC couch without having a brief conversation about his kin. Stay tuned to see what Pradeep has cooked up for his segment.

Varun Tej and Harish Shankar will join Pradeep Machiraju on Saturday at 7 pm, on 21 September 2019 on TV. But you can have all the fun before TV on ZEE5. For now, catch up on ZEE HEROES here.

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