EXCLUSIVE: Take A Sneak Peek At All The Fun Rakul Preet And Rahul Ravindran Had On KTUC

Sneha Bale

August 10, 2019


1 min

The Graceful And Elegant Rakul!


The latest episode of Season 4 of Pradeep Machiraju’s Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta hosts two new guests. They are the leading lady and the director of Nagarjuna‘s upcoming Telugu film Manmadhudu 2 — Rakul Preet Singh and Rahul Ravindran. We got our hands on a few pictures from the sets and decided to share them with you. Take a look.

Rakul made an elegant entry in a lavender-hued outfit. With a semi-formal and semi-sexy top paired a chiffon long skirt, the girl has set our hearts ablaze. What do you think?

Pradeep’s Usual Goofiness


This picture is proof that Pradeep has once again managed to set the mood perfectly for us. Rakul and Rahul’s wide smiles tell us that there is a goofy tale we’re yet to come across. We wonder what it is!

Rakul At It Again


In every season of KTUC, Rakul has come with more and newer stories. And guess what? She shares her stories and experiences with us unapologetically. The grand hand-gestures make us believe that we’re in for some more stories again.

Embarrassing Stories?


None of the episodes of KTUC are ever complete without digging out some funny and embarrassing stories from the past. This picture shows Rahul to be adjusting himself a bit. Is this story from the sets of Manmadhudu 2 or something else?

That Smile!


Rakul has mastered the art of playing dumb charades on KTUC. Do you see that smile on her face? That’s how you know she played well again.

The Struggle Is Too Real


In this picture here, is Rahul trying to play ‘pedicure’ as Rakul and Pradeep sit down to take guesses? And clearly, Rahul is finding it difficult to play it as effortlessly as Rakul.

The Guessing Game


Look at Rakul and Pradeep’s intense glare, as Rahul tries his best to get his guessing game correct. Who are you placing your bets on this episode?

For more entertaining episode, check out Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta Season 3 on ZEE5.

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