Exclusive: Shiva Of Poove Poochoodava Is As Bold As Shakti On The Show To Add Drama

May 9, 2019


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Shiva is an important character in the series Poove Poochoodava that streams on ZEE5. The part of Shiva in the show is played by actor Dinesh Gopalaswamy. Now apart from being one of the most complex characters in the series, Dinesh’s character is also one of the most misunderstood characters. There is no doubt that Dinesh’s character does give in a certain charm and fun to the whole story of the series but he is also mistaken for his lack of decisions when it come to taking correct ones.

Watch the problems that Shiva has to face in the series Poove Poochoodava.

In the show, we see that the character of Shiva is constantly is introduced to us a women hater, from this phase we see a transition that happens and he grows to be a person who has some feelings about Shakti which gradually develop. When we spoke to Dinesh about he character, he said, ” The makers had an option to create a timid character in contrast to Shakti’s character while they were creating Shiva, but they chose to make Shiva as bold and headstrong as Shakti which has added to the drama of the series. This makes the character of Shiva peculiar in the show and sets him apart to be subjected to the curiosity of the viewers.”

Dinesh and Reshma

A still from Poove Poochoodava

Thus, from the starting point, till now we see that his character has evolved while most of the others just have been doing what they were doing initially. Shiva, he has his ups and downs which are explored to great detail in the show and does justice to the narrative of the story. Shiva’s character not only lends a uniqueness to the show but it also lends to the conflict and resolutions in the series.

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