Exclusive: Saajana Actor Abhijeet Shwetchandra Reveals His Fitness Routine

The actor stressed upon getting adequate sleep to stay fit.

Manjiri Shete

May 7, 2019


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From playing an action-packed role in Baaji to becoming a gentlemanly lover in Saajana, Abhijeet Shwetchandra has done it all. But, amidst this, one thing that has remained the same is the actor’s fit body. In an exclusive interview, he didn’t hold any barriers while revealing the secret to his ridiculously good looking muscles. “I feel it is possible to stay fit with regular exercise and proper sleep,” says Saajana actor.
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When we recently spoke to Abhijeet, we asked him the fitness routine he follows. The Saajana actor said,, “I practise yoga pranayama and gym along with that. I have a decided diet and try to sleep for at least six hours. I believe, your passion and happiness for work help you stay healthy. Like in Baaji, I have shot day-night, running on one hour of sleep but it never made me feel tired as I loved doing it.”
Abhijeet Shwetchandra from Saajana.
Abhijeet Shwetchandra from Saajana.
Further, on divulging details about his diet, the actor emphasized skipping on maida flour and controlling the amount of rice he consumes especially in the evening.  He also said, “I stress upon taking protein and carbs through fruits and oats. One can apply this funda depending on their weight and metabolism. Simultaneously, I switch my exercises if I do bar exercises for two weeks then switch it with dumbells. For flexibility, I try implementing yoga exercises.”
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