EXCLUSIVE: Pranali Rathod: I Am 3000 Per Cent Excited For Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki!

Ashutosh Oak

June 17, 2019


2 min


There is a lot of excitement that has been building up amongst the audience for the upcoming And TV show Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki. The show is based on the concept of caste discrimination and honour killing. As we told you before, it is an adaptation of the popular Marathi movie Sairat and its Hindi remake Dhadak. We are well aware of the fact that both the movies introduced fresh faces to the audience and it is needless to say that they became popular. It is interesting that even the actress of this show, Pranali Rathod marks her debut in the TV industry along with Kinshuk Vaidya.

Take a look at the promo below:

We had an exclusive interview with the bubbly actress Pranali and asked her about the new show. The actress was so excited that we could feel it. “I am very much excited and nervous as well because it is my first show, I am actually 3000 percent excited,” confessed Pranali. We further asked the actress about how did she prepare for the role of Suman. “About my role, it wasn’t difficult but there were a few aspects like the language that is used there and I had to learn the UP dialect. Apart from this, it wasn’t hard for me to adapt to the role because the character of Suman is a lot similar to my real life personality.”

At the end of the interview, she urged the audience to watch the show saying “I request the audience and my fans to watch, enjoy and shower your love on the show Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki starting from 18 June i.e. tomorrow.”

Let us know if you too are curious to watch this upcoming show in comments below with the hashtag #JaatNaPuchoPremKi.

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