Exclusive! Paaru’s Mokshitha Pai Shares A Heart-Touching Story About Her Younger Brother

Parinika Uchil

October 2, 2019

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Paaru is an amazing female-centric show that looks at the life of a village girl called Parvathi. When her father Hanumantha secures a good job under the employment of one of the biggest business tycoons in the city, Arasane Koteya Akhilandheshwari (Vinaya Prasad), he asks Parvathi and his son Ganesh to join him in the city. Thus, begins the journey of Paaru. A fan such as you should already know this and if you do then you also know about how Parvathi and Aditya got married for real? Or how Paaru saved Akhilandeshwari by taking her place against a killer? Or even that now a new villain has entered the show to give Akhilandeshwari a taste of her own medicine. Starring Mokshitha Pai and Sharath Padmanabh as Paaru and Aditya, the show Paaru, has taken a fab turn, but to know the genius twist on the show, you will have to watch the latest episodes.

Today, however, we bring to you the second part of Mokshita Pai’s exclusive interview that we had the privilege of taking. In it, she speaks about how it feels to be part of a top show in the state, along with some news about her real-life brother. We promise you wouldn’t have read about this anywhere else before. Oh! And don’t forget to read how she relates her onscreen brother Gani to her real-life brother. All interested parties can scroll down to read the interview.

Q. Apart from acting, what are you passionate about? Any hobbies.
A. Right now I don’t do much because when I am not shooting I feel like relaxing. I have a brother with special abilities, so I spend time taking care of him. As in when I am not shooting, I prefer to stay with him and spend time.

Q. Would you like to give us more details about your brother?
A. Well, he has been a special child since birth. Now, after 17 years, his body too is giving up. So basically, when I was doing my degree whenever I was at home, I would be the one to take care of him. This was because my mother was doing a specialisation in learning about children with disabilities. So for the two years, she did research and studies on this and to help her, I took charge of taking care of my brother. Now also whenever I get a holiday or some off-time, I like to spend my time with family including my brother, mother and father. But mainly, it’s always my brother since both my parents work.

Q. Do you find any resemblance between your real brother and onscreen brother Gani?
A. Actually yes! Since my childhood, even though I had my cousin brothers and sisters, it was sometimes painful for me to think that I have a sibling with special abilities. It’s only human to feel that way, especially at that age. I would always look at others and feel bad because I could never go out and play with my brother or do sibling stuff like my cousins. But now, when I shoot with Gani I feel like he is my little brother only. I remember him telling me once, “Akka nim tamma anthane ankoli Akka.” He also expressed that he sees me as a elder sister and that makes me feel so good. For the bond between us to be great onscreen, our off-screen bond had to be a hit.

Q. The show’s TRP have sky-rocketed and fans have loved you all over Karnataka, how do you feel?
A. To be honest, I did not expect this at all in the sense that Paaru will make it to such heights. When Dileep sir and Vidya ma’am asked me to play the lead role in Paaru I was in a dilemma because I got an offer from another channel at that time for two shows, Mithuna Rashi and Ranganayaka. For both these shows, everything was almost finalised, but because I felt that the role of Paaru would be challenging I took it up. Generally, the roles are of normal city girls who go about doing their thing but in my mind, I felt slightly lost because the roles weren’t calling out to me. When Dileep sir called me and told me that he has been working on Paaru for almost eight months and that it wasn’t a normal regular daily-soap, so if I did it, it would take us to better heights, I was convinced. And look that’s exactly what happened. I, however, seriously didn’t expect so much of love and support from everyone. As in, I didn’t have any expectations that I will achieve stardom because of Paaru. Personally, when I was just a viewer, I did not have much of an idea about things like TRP. But now that I understand this, to know that amongst so many other serials so definitely it a matter of rejoicing. And hands down, this is the result of the entire team’s hard work so the credit goes to every one of us.

This just shows how strong the humble actress Mokshitha is. Not only did she step up and offer to take care of her brother, but she is also pursuing a career of acting side-by-side. I don’t know about you, but kudos from Zee Kannada to this splendid actress!

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