EXCLUSIVE: Khirer Putul Will Be Absolutely Epic With Its Magic, Beauty, And Romance, Says Actor Suman Dey

In an exclusive interview with ZEE5, the charming actor tells us all about working on this amazing new project, the much awaited new fantasy Bengali TV serial.


July 26, 2020


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While waiting for the all new Zee Bangla TV serial Khirer Putul to launch on ZEE5, we caught up with actor Suman Dey, who is playing the lead role of King Shamantak in this exciting Bengali TV show. The actor is famous for his portrayal of the protagonist Jash in the popular Bengali TV show Nakshi Kantha previously, and now we get to see him in an entirely different light. Khirer Putul is based on the fairytale novella of the same name by author Abanindranath Tagore. Most of us are familiar with this classic romantic fantasy story filled with magic and wonder from our youth! The tale of Khirer Putul is very popular among kids and grown-ups alike, and Suman Dey tells us all about shooting for it! Here are the edited excerpts.

Watch the promo of Khirer Putul below:

Q: What has the experience of shooting for Khirer Putul been like? 

A: It’s been brilliant! We’ve all girded up and jumped right into it. It has also been very different from most other shoots because this is the first fantasy tale in Bengali that I am acting in. Wearing a heavy costume, wig, earrings and other jewellery in the middle of summer definitely makes it a new experience! But I am loving it– the story, the team my co-stars, the director (we have a wonderful director)– all of it!

Q: Have some things been affected by the current pandemic?

A: Well yes, of course. Some of the scenes have had to be adjusted to follow safety protocols, and there are certain aspects, especially in a romance, that we have to omit. Actors can’t get too close to each other in order to maintain social distance, and while we are managing just fine, I suppose some elements will have to be left out. Something will be missing. Just like when cooking a dish, if a certain ingredient is not available, we have to make do with a substitute or go without.

Suman Dey
Source: ZEE5

Q: How did you prepare to get into the character of King Shamantak?

A: Now King Shamantak is a character who is quite affable. He is a ruler who cares about his people and listens to them. Today, you will find it easier to relate to him because he is not an arrogant royal. Thanks to the lockdown, I got quite some time to prepare to play him. I wanted to imbibe the attitude of a king, to get into the mindset and think, talk, move and act like Raja Shamantak. I watched several classic films with members of royalty like Jodhaa Akbar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat, Bajirao Mastani, 300, and Alexander. I was even growing my hair out, but by the time shoot started we still needed it to be a lot longer, so I cut it short and we used a wig.

Q: The role of Raja Shamantak is vastly different from Jash in Nakshi Kantha. Has it been challenging to shake the image of Jash and slip into an entirely new character?

A: I always consider myself lucky– I am lucky– and now to be able to play Raja Shamantak, after playing Jash in Nakshi Kantha who is so different. There is the danger of getting typecast, which happens a lot. If someone plays a villain once, they may get the same type of roles thereafter. Same goes for a hero or heroine, a wealthy man, or a sick man– it’s very easy to fall into one particular pattern, so I am very glad to have been able to avoid that!

Suman Dey
Source: Instagram

Q: Have you read Khirer Putul? Is the story in the serial mostly faithful to the novel?

A: Yes, I love the story! Because it is a 50-60 page novel, it had to be elaborated on with lots of new details to be adapted into a serial. The TV show will be full of magic and charm. You will be sure to love it!

Q: Who is your favourite co-star in Khirer Putul?

A: Sudipta (Roy) who plays the role of Duorani. She is incredibly sweet and great to work with! She is much younger, and is keen to learn everything and tries to implement all the advice I give her. Sudipta is also very co-operative and easy to work with.

Q: Give us five reasons why we should not miss watching Khirer Putul.

A: First one is that I am there! Secondly, it’s an excellent story. Also, kids are going to love it! Just put it on when it airs on TV and they will be delighted, especially given that they are at home extensively because of the lockdown. Khirer Putul is the only serial of its kind that is being made at the moment– the battle scenes, the magic and romance, the gorgeous aesthetic, the costumes, the whole essence of that era will be a joy to behold.

Suman Dey
Source: Instagram

Q: What message would you like to give your fans?

A: I am so thankful and honoured by all your love and support. Please continue to watch Khirer Putul, my current project, with the same fervour and don’t change the channel when it is on! You are sure to be hooked by the time you get to the third episode! It’s going to be totally epic.

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