EXCLUSIVE: Kamali Actress Amulya Gowda Reveals About Her Reel And Real Life Personality

Parinika Uchil

April 26, 2019

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Zee Kannada’s fictional line-ups have amazed us in the last couple of years. With the new age, it is important for makers of shows to keep up the relatability with the fans or viewers. For the same, shows like Kamali, Paaru and Gattimela were introduced on the channel and what wonders they have done! Speaking of the serial Kamali, the lead actress Amulya Gowda, made some time to speak to us in an exclusive interview about things you have never heard or seen before.

What interested us most is whether she related her on-screen character Kamali to her real-life self Amulya, and here’s what she had to say.

“If I have to give the difference between Kamali and Amulya, I would first like to mention that in reality, living a life like Kamali’s is very difficult. Having said that, there are a few resemblances between Kamali and Amulya. The first one being Kamali is an independent girl as you must have seen, haage nan life al kuda naan tumba independantaagi badkad tumba ishta padthini (similarly in my life I love to stay independent),” she said.

Amulya Gowda As Kamali From The Sets
Source: ZEE5

Amulya further added, “The second factor being courage, whenever Kamali faces a challenge, she fights it with all her courage. Similarly, whenever there is an obstacle in my path I don’t fear it and face it with courage. Such few characteristics are similar between Amulya and Kamali.”

An Stunning Still Of The Gorgeous Amulya Gowda Aka Kamali
Source: ZEE5

I don’t know about you, but I feel her quirkiness, optimism and love for the people around her is another thing common between her on-screen and off-screen personalities. Let us know your thoughts about what Kamali aka Amulya said, about her reel and real-life personas.

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