EXCLUSIVE: It Was Great Working With Devlina For The First Time, Says Gourab Chatterjee

We caught up with real-life couple, actors Gourab Chatterjee and Devlina Kumar, who star as an onscreen pair for the first time in Lockdown Diary.


June 3, 2020


7 min


Lockdown Diary — Golpo Holeo Satti is the latest TV serial on Zee Bangla which focuses on bringing to life stories from people’s lives during the lockdown period. The ongoing story, Honeymoon, features the talented Zee Bangla TV  show Rani Rashmoni actor Gourab Chatterjee as well as his real-life girlfriend, Devlina Kumar, as the newlywed couple Rajib and Sneha. Their plans of honeymooning in Switzerland and settling down in the US are rudely interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequently, the announcement of the nationwide lockdown. In an exclusive interview, Gourab and Devlina tell us all about shooting for Lockdown Diary. Here are the edited excerpts.

Watch the latest episode from the serial below:

Q: Tell us about the experience of shooting Lockdown Diary — Golpo Holeo Satti with each other.

Gourab: The experience of shooting Lockdown Diary was both good and bad! There were three of us as the crew, and we were acting as well. It was tough as well because we had to make our own schedule for the day, and there were props required like cakes, the food that we ate, utensils that we used for the scenes, and we really had to plan everything out down to the last detail from before! It was great working with Devlina. I’m a little more experienced in this field, and I tried to share everything that I know to help her out. She took it all in in and gave it her best! We both really enjoyed working together, and I think our common friend, the cameraman, enjoyed it as well!

Devlina: And not to forget, we had arguments as well, and that’s so normal! While we worked together that happened even more as I was stressed because I have never acted for television before. It was a very different sort of acting from what I have done, and I was trying to please my director. I hope he has got what he wanted! So yes, it was a lot of fun but also very hectic.

Lockdown Diary
Source: ZEE5

Q: How are you both spending the lockdown?

Gourab: We are spending this time like most — locked in our respective houses! Devlina and I are getting to spend time together and shoot together. As for me, I’m not much of an outgoing person, but just the thought that you cannot go out or leave the house is terrible. But yeah, just like everyone else it is good sometimes and painful sometimes!

Devlina: I learned cooking during this lockdown phase, and I was busy cooking and feeding Gourab so I found a new hobby during this time. Of course I’ve missed going out, but it’s good sometimes to have time for yourself and your family.

Q: What are you missing the most during this lockdown?

Gourab: Well, you generally miss going out, be it to eat at a restaurant or going to the cinema or of course, going to the gym. I miss these things the most.

Devlina: Yeah, same here. I definitely miss these activities.

Lockdown Diary
Source: ZEE5

Q: Shooting is about to begin. Are you all set or a bit apprehensive?

Gourab: Shooting is about to begin but we have to be very careful because Coronavirus still has not left us. However, we need to work too, so yes, we have to make sure to take as many precautions as possible and be totally safe. It is not just for ourselves but for the sake of others around us as well, so this is very important.

Q: Tell us three things about Honeymoon from Lockdown Diary — Golpo Holeo Satti, and why we should watch it!

Devlina: It’s based on our true stories and I guess the people who watch it will find it pretty similar to their own stories. All the people who got married in March and were supposed to go for their honeymoon couldn’t, and this story is all about that.

Lockdown Diary
Source: ZEE5

Gourab: It’s inspired by true events that took place over the lockdown, and people have obviously been through worse. This is one of those stories that have been dramatised and made for television.

Devlina: The audience will get to see a new pair on screen, and people have requested us to do something like this before.

Gourab: Yes, a lot of people have wanted to see us act together, so here it is! Also, the fights in the show are real. We didn’t really have to act, it was just organic! (both laugh)

Lockdown Diary
Source: ZEE5

Q: What message would you like to leave for your fans?

Devlina: The lockdown is getting over gradually, but you need to be careful. Maintain all the safety measures that you have been taking so long for the last two months. This is the time that you can get affected, so please be very, very careful.

Gourab: Yeah, I agree. As she said, these are very testing times. Continue to sanitise properly. We have to remember that the lockdown is probably getting lifted, but not the virus. It is still among us and even more now, because we are starting to go out now. We are moving about more and getting back to work, so please be as careful as possible.

Lockdown Diary
Source: ZEE5

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