EXCLUSIVE: Igloo Speaks The Universal Language Of Love, Says Director Bharath Mohan

Bharath Mohan spoke about what inspired him to make Igloo and shared other fascinating information associated with the film.

July 19, 2019


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Love understands no barriers of caste, faith, creed or colour. Love is beyond these humanmade hindrances that prevent people to people contact. There cannot be anything more universal than love, and this is precisely why a ZEE5 has a film titled Igloo in its kitty for you. Directed by Bharath Mohan, the film starring Amjad Khan and Anju Kurien will strike an emotional chord. Igloo is all about the different manifestations of love.

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In a freewheeling conversation with ZEE5, filmmaker Bharath Mohan spoke about what inspired him to make Igloo and shared other fascinating information associated with the film. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to come up with a movie like Igloo?

A personal tragedy inspired me to work on the concept. I lost my father to cancer and have seen my mother undergoing massive trauma because of it. Since I experienced it personally, I wanted to share the emotions, because love, pain agony is relatable.

Igloo showcases the bond between a father and twin daughters. Why did you choose to tell the story through a father and his daughters?

I have always been fascinated by twins, and I wanted to narrate the story by showing the bond between a father and his children. I like it when it’s natural and not over the top or too subtle. There are a few scenes between the father (Shiva played by Amjad Khan) and his daughters Aishu and Vaishu, that have come out very well. I hope people like it.

How long did it take to complete the film?

The shooting schedule that was sporadically scattered over a few months because Anju (who plays the female lead) had a prior commitment. But we completed shooting Igloo in 23 days.

Tell us something about the main cast.

Amjad Khan and I go a long way. We have been friends for over a decade and have worked on several short films together. When I decided to make Igloo, I knew I wanted Amjad to be a part of it because he is supremely talented. And as far as Anju is concerned, she is brilliant. The character she has portrayed need tremendous maturity. Anju has executed her role to perfection, and I couldn’t have asked for more. All these artists are one-take performers.

Who is your target audience, and do you have a message to convey to the viewers?

The most potent message that I would like to communicate through this film is that one must live without negativity. If we stop complaining, nurturing jealousy, we can be happy. To move on in life, one must look at life from the prism of positivity. The film conveys the message of taking life as it comes and handling it with a positive frame of mind.
However, I don’t have a specific target audience. I want everyone to watch the film because it has a universal appeal.

The trailer reveals that only one of the twin girls wishes to know about her mother. Why is it so?

You will have to watch the film to know that. Though there’s no mystery attached to it, there’s a significant reason.

And last but not least, why is the film titled Igloo?

There’s a reason behind it, but I wouldn’t want to reveal. Do watch the film to know why it called Igloo.

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