EXCLUSIVE: I Want To Bag A Lead Role, Says Ramya Pasupuleti Of ZEE5 Original Chadarangam

From drug abuse to big dreams, here’s what Ramya Pasupuleti, the youngest cast member of Chadarangam, who is also a social media star, said!

Sneha Bale

March 4, 2020


6 min


After the mega-success of Anish Kuruvilla’s Gods Of Dharmapuri, we believed it would be a tough task to have something remotely as amazing. And that’s when Chadarangam came as a sweet surprise. Starring Meka Srikanth in the lead role, the show has an amazing crew and cast that bring together the best of Tollywood. This nine-episode series marks the comeback and digital debut of Srikanth, while it also introduced us to a few new faces. One of the lot, who stands out, is the 18-year old Ramya Pasupuleti.

She has been a big name amongst teenagers due to her strong social media presence, but this is the first time we are seeing her on a big scale. We reached out to her for a candid conversation and got the multi-tasker to answer our questions. Read the edited excerpts of the interview here.

Watch the show here:

Q. Please tell us a little bit about your journey as a social media influencer. 

A. I never imagined that people would tag me as a social media influencer. Right now, everything is going great. I was clueless when I started, I was only 16 years old. Now, it’s been almost two years. And, so far it’s been so good! I am hoping that I continue to create more and more great content for my followers in the longer run.

 Q. How did you bag the role of Paro?

A. I had to audition for the role of Paro. And, I believe I nailed it.

Q. How was it working with seasoned and popular actors in Chadarangam?

A. It was quite an amazing experience. And, I got to learn a lot of things.

Q. What kind of preparation did you have to do to play the part of a drug-addict teenager?

A. I have done quite a lot of background research. I used to watch a lot of film clips about withdrawal symptoms. And, being a big fan of Breaking Bad, I used to rewatch all the episodes that had something about Jessie’s girlfriend or the other episode where there was something related to it.
Ramya Pasupuleti
Ramya Pasupuleti
Q. Did you take tips from the senior actors around you? How was your rapport with them?

A. Yes, I did take tips from them, but it was only observational learning.

Q. What are your views on substance abuse, in general?

A. Well, I don’t think there are any positive things to talk about ‘substance abuse’. It is as bad as it sounds. I don’t support my fellow teenagers using substances for wrong purposes. A person should always think about the consequences before they consume such things.
Q. Do you use your reach and platform to create awareness about such sensitive topics?

A. Yes, I am completely against drug abuse and I do talk about it every now and then on my social media accounts.

Q. In an earlier interview, you spoke about your ambition to be a doctor. Do you still have the same dream or have you found a place in the show business?

A. I don’t have the same ambition now, to be very honest. I feel that the universe is taking me in the right path, and I’m loving it. Talking about studies, I am currently pursuing BBA, which is helping me more than I thought it would.
Ramya Pasupuleti
Ramya Pasupuleti
Q. You have a film coming out soon, and with multiple brand endorsements, you seem to be extremely busy. How do you juggle between things?
A. Hahaha, I am quite a multi-tasker, I’d like to believe. I am an organised person and I pre-plan things so that I can do all the different tasks in time.
Q. What do you think is in store for viewers on digital platforms in 2020?
A. Digital platforms have become an extraordinary space for people to showcase their talents. Each year, there are more and more entities that are increasing their budget for social media marketing. So, I feel like that it’s going to be a huge plus point this year, and for all the years to come.

Q. What is the bigger goal in your life?

A. My biggest goal is to bag a lead role in a big production house.

Ramya Pasupuleti
Ramya Pasupuleti

Wishing all her dreams come true, sooner than later, we sign out. You can watch the nine-episode show, Chadarangam, right here on ZEE5.

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