EXCLUSIVE: I Like To Play A Positive Arman Arora, Says Navdeesh Arora Of Khasma Nu Khani

From spending time with family during this lockdown, to watching Khasma Nu Khani with Harsimran Oberoi, the actor reveals all in this interview.


June 10, 2020


6 min


From the reality adventure show Roadies to daily soaps like Bado Bahu and now the Zee Punjabi serial Khasma Nu Khani, actor Navdeesh Arora is walking strong on a long journey. Currently, in this #Lockdown period, he’s working on enhancing his craft. Navdeesh sat down with ZEE5 to share his views on the response to his newest show, Khasma Nu Khani. How is he different from his character Arman? Why did he originally refuse to be a part of the show? Read on to find out the answers to these questions in this candid, heart-to-heart conversation, and more! Here are edited excerpts:

Watch how Arman’s father schooled him for choosing Simple over Deshpreet here:

Q. How is the lockdown treating you? What’s keeping you busy these days?

A. Due to the lockdown, I have learnt to become more patient. This is something an actor should really work on and I feel lucky enough to work on myself. When the lockdown was announced, I was happy…as I got time for my work. As the lockdown keeps increasing, I saw people cribbing about it. But I am happy, that I got time to work on myself.

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Q. Have you become more of a family person during this lockdown?

A. I’ve always been close to my family, they’re my everything. I get my inspiration from my father. I’m not a party animal, even after my shoot if I get four hours to sleep, I will dedicate an hour to thinking and writing. I keep recording my experiences or anything that amazes me, on my phone. I  adjust my sleep according to my work. I may drive alone to Chandigarh, Mohali but I don’t do party. I hate clubs, I don’t drink or smoke and keep myself reserved.

Q. What’s the one thing you’re planning to continue even after the lockdown?

A. Due to extensive shoots, I was not able to contribute to my writing. But now, once the lockdown ends, I will make sure to at least give an hour to my craft, to myself. I want to grow and I will not let it go.

Q. How different are you from your on-screen avatar, Arman Arora?

A. Positivity is the biggest factor in my life. I stay away from negative people. I don’t want to brag about it but if I get to know that anyone, from my friend circle or not, is a little depressed, I used to call them over at my place. And believe me, after our long conversations, they would feel positive.

Arman and Tarunpal in Khasma Nu Khani (Source: ZEE5)

Q. It seems that you’re an emotional person too?

A. I am a very emotional person and I like to play a positive Arman Arora. When I watched the initial episodes (of the show), I actually cried watching Desho. Harsimran (Oberoi) used to play the episodes during breaks and then while watching it, I used to get emotional. So much, that I had to go away for a while, and then I would come back to shooting. I’m an emotional guy and I love to play the positive Arman Arora more than the usual arrogant guy.

QWhat is your favourite scene from the Punjabi serial so far? 

A. My best scene from Khasma Nu Khani is the one where I bring jalebi and samosa for my parents and I present rose and achaar to Desho. The reason I like this sequence is that I improvised this scene and we did it in one take. The director was kind enough to take my inputs and he gave me the freedom to perform the scene like I wanted to. So, we filmed the master shot (wide angle with all the artists in one frame) of that scene in one take and it looked brilliant on the tube.

Navdeesh Arora and Harsimran Oberoi as Arman and Desho (Source: ZEE5)

This was just the first part of our conversation with Navdeesh! Watch this space for the second part of this interesting conversation. Let us know your views about Navdeesh Arora in the comments section below.

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