EXCLUSIVE: I Am Wishing For A COVID-19 Vaccine Sooner Says Loser Actor Priyadarshi

Sneha Bale

June 6, 2020


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Prior to the release of ZEE5 Original Loser, we spoke to actor Priyadarshi about the show, the digital revolution and many things related to cinema. In a long and candid chat, the actor spoke about many aspects and thoughts running through his mind these days. During the first part of the interview, he spoke about his journey as Suri. While in the second part, we talk about his challenges, living a normal life and his debut on a web series.

Watch the trailer of Loser here:

Q. Like Suri aims for Gold at the Olympics, what do you aim for?

A. Right now, it’s survival. I am wishing for a vaccine sooner and the migrant labourers’ issues to be solved. Professionally, there is no goal. It is the journey that interests me. When talking about goals, I just wait to hear a good script. Apart from the worldly dreams that we all have; I want to bring home is a peaceful mind and a normal life. Cinema is a part of my life, not the whole of my life. Just by living a normal life, I could reflect a lot on my work.

I enjoy life by doing simple things like finding a place with Happy Hours or sneaking into a theatre without being caught. If I keep thinking of the cinema, I will not be able to live my life. It was at 26 when I got a break. Prior to that, it was a normal middle-class upbringing. The struggle was there, but I knew that I’d crack it someday. And luckily, the struggle paid off and things fell in place.

Q. How was the experience during your first web-series? 

A. Actually, I took only 30 days, spread through 3-months. As I was working on other films at the same time. The web experience is definitely new, and the process is serious – in terms of following the character with great detail. The work is different, the style is different. Being a part of the future, it is exciting. I am looking forward to doing more web series. Maybe, there will be a point when I will dedicate a year to two web-shows and a film or so.


Q. Did you face any challenges, with respect to the medium?

A. If you work with the right director, it will all be a cakewalk. When the director knows what they do not want, your work becomes easy. I am a guy who depends hugely on the director and the script. So, it becomes easier for me to know the character and find its voice. Prasad sir (Nimmakayla, ZEE5 Creative Lead – Telugu) and Supriya ma’am (Yarlagadda, Cheif Executive, Annapurna Studios) took it to the next level. It’s not challenging when you have the right people in your journey.

Q. Would you be willing to do more short-format content or is your heart still in films?

A. Even as an actor, I need to understand the business as well. I also understand that technology is revolutionising the whole game. If you look at the content consumed through the Internet over the last couple of years, it is essential to know where my audiences are. The Internet has given consumer freedom. Also, I started on the internet and as mass communication graduate, I know where things are headed.

On a given day, will I choose films? I probably will. But that doesn’t make me ignorant of the digital aspect. At the end of the day, the theatre and cinema will all co-exist with the OTT platforms.


Q. You’ve always had a knack for writing other than acting. Is anything brewing on that front?

A. Currently, it’s a big no! Maybe I am not in that state of mind. I do think of ideas and stories, but I am very active as an actor right now. I still feel there is so much more to explore as an actor. Loser or films like Mallesham and Brochevarevarura keep me greedy and hungry to chance upon more unusual stories.

Q. How do you think loser will impact audiences, given our situations?

A. Definitely, people will like watching Loser. The better part of it is the subscription price is very less. And it’s worth your time. It is also first of its kind in Telugu. Maybe it’ll help. Art is something that is a great escape.

Q. Message to budding actors or creators stuck inside the house?

A. Discover yourself.


Loser released on May 15th, 2020. Read all about the show here.

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