EXCLUSIVE: Here’s A Sneak-Peak From The Sets Of The Latest Telugu Serial Radhamma Kuthuru

Sneha Bale

August 23, 2019


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A new family-drama show is all set to entertain you on ZeeTelugu. Taking over the prime time slot, Radhama Kuthuru is a new show about a family of four women. We have Radhamma, the mother, and her three daughters. The second daughter, Akshara is the true blue hero for her family, and for the show.

Meet the heart and soul of the show – Radhamma.  Played by actor Aarthi, this character is the one who is left alone by her husband to raise three daughters in a patriarchal society.

Radhamma’s Daughters


Here are the three daughters of Radhamma, and the showrunners of Radhamma’s life. One is the emotional strength, second is the physical strength and the youngest is Radhamma’s piece of heart. The three ladies together help their mother in achieving a good life despite all that people have to talk about.

Radhamma’s Companions


We don’t know a lot about them yet but all we know is that they’re wanting the best for Radhamma and her family. Helping them in every step and celebrating their successes, they are Radhamma’s companions.

The Real Hero In Radhamma’s Life


Meet the real hero of Radhamma’s life and the one who is hellbent on bringing good fortune back to the family – Akshara. She is Radhamma’s second daughter and the boss lady of the house. Not only can she get what she wants but also knows how to give a witty and crisp answer to her haters.

Talk About Haters


No story is complete without a blood-sucking villain. Not literally but Menaka is that for the poor Radhamma’s family. She happens to be the wife of Radhamma’s ex-husband. There is one goal that keeps her close to Radhamma and that is their her house.

The Welcome Change


The welcome change in Radhamma’s life comes in the form of Bejawada Bujjama’s family. Akshara falls in love with Aravind. Bujjamma is a straight-forward woman who does not appreciate the idea of women following men. She loves it when she sees a lady who can fend for herself.

How things pan for them? Join them in the conquest to know,  from August 26, 2019 only on ZEE5.

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