EXCLUSIVE: Classroom Masti Begins With Juniors And Seniors In Episode 2 Of Local Gangs

Sneha Bale

November 30, 2019


1 min

Welcoming the day


Local Gangs is the brand new reality game show on Zee Telugu. The format involves the studio audiences and is filled with silly games and loads of fun. In episode 2, Pradeep Machiraju turned into a lecturer for the school of entertainment. He opened the episode donning his best teacher avatar and with his usual quirk.

Watch the previous episode here:

Make way for the HOD


Popular television judge, Anusuya Bharadwaj retains her desk and position in this madhouse too. Here, she is heading the department of entertainment while Shankar Master is the principal. In episode 2, she delegates the three tasks – Viva, Cultural activities and Project work – and waits for the day.

Guest lecturer for added entertainment


Jani Master is a popular choreographer who has showcased his talent in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam cinema. Now, he joins HOD Anusuya as the guest lecturer in the absence of Shekar Master.

Junior and Senior Gang Leaders


In episode 2, the junior and senior gang leaders, Tejaswi Madivada and Anchor Ravi, are finally here with their gangs to set the ball rolling. This ride will be an interesting one!

The To-Do-List


The episode is divided into three periods. The first one is a Viva round, where the HOD and the guest lecturer will ask silly questions to the gang members. Each correct answers wins the gang 10 points.

Period 2, includes cultural activities, something that everyone waits for. But here, Anusuya will randomly pick two talents from each gang and teach them a song. Based on their performances, the gangs will be given a score.

In Period 3, the gang members come together with the gang leaders. When Anusuya gives 5 letters to each gang leader, they have to form a sentence. The second part of this project work requires the gang members to write down the sentence while understanding their gang leader’s lipsync because they will be wearing noise-blocking kiritam.

Winner Winner Weekend Dinner


The gang with the highest scores will be declared as the winner. Our little birdies tell us that the winning gang took home a sum of Rs. 10, 000 and received the honour of ‘Winner Winner Weekend Dinner’.

Stay tuned for the full episode on November 30 only on ZEE5. For now, check out the final season of Zee Heroes here.

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