EXCLUSIVE BTS: ZEE HEROES Take A Jungle Safari With Baby Crocodiles And Snakes

Sneha Bale

September 20, 2019


1 min

The location


This week in ZEE HEROES the heroes are all set to test their guts and consciousness in a closed room with many animals. The task will take place inside a closed area which has been prepared to replicate a jungle.

Before diving into the next week’s task, watch the previous room:

The task


This time the contestants will be divided into pairs and one pair from each team will get into the pit together. Waiting for them will be some baby crocodiles and some baby snakes, adorned with colourful ribbons around their necks. All they have to do is take the ribbons and come out.

The twist


If you think the animals were all the difficulty that there could be, my friend, there’s more. Let’s call it the Laxmi twist. This twist will have one of two members hand-cuffed while the other will be cuffed in the feet. The colourful ribbons hold the keys to these cuffs. Once they collect the ribbon, they also have to unlock themselves before getting out of the pit.

The winner


The pair who collects the maximum number of ribbons in less time will be the winner. A little birdie tells us that a jodi of girls who share killer looks has merged victorious.

The Garuda Contender


While the winning team was chosen by a close margin, the Garuda contender had to be decided amongst themselves. And as per what we know, the Garuda contender this time isn’t someone who is used to being one. Only after next week, we will find out what the task for Garuda winner will be.

Stay tuned to this place and don’t forget to watch ZEE HEROES on ZEE5 before it airs on TV, on Sunday, 22nd September 2019, at 7pm. For more entertainment, watch Nani unleash his madness with batchmate Pradeep Machiraju in Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta on ZEE5.

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