EXCLUSIVE BTS: ZEE HEROES Plunge Into The Open Sea To Collect The Highest Score

Sneha Bale

September 27, 2019


1 min

Team Ashva v/s Team Gaja


This time the host of reality game show, ZEE HEROES, Lakshmi Manchu gathers Team Ashva and Team Gaja on a cruise. As they enjoyed the scenic view, surrounded by the sea waters, Lakshmi explained that it was more than just a cruise ride and their task lies ahead.

Watch the previous episode here:

The task


After braving the jungle safari, this week the heroes dive back into the waters to score some brownie points. The task involves two participants of the opposite team to perform against each other. They start moving from the start point via a rope and get the end of it, where there is a net set up. They have to walk past through the rope and then move to the bamboo platform.

The importance


Along with moving through set up, the participants also have to collect the alphabets H-E-R-O that are separately trapped inside sugar bottles. These sugar bottles are attached to the net, through which they also have to maintain the balance and cross, with carabiner clips.

The difficulty


While the task itself is difficult, it’s not complete without a Lakshmi touch. So, to add on to their difficulty, the contestants were made to move through the waters with the help of a cruise ahead.

The surprise


Since Vidyullekha of Team Gaja is unable to perform any tasks for two weeks, Lakshmi had a surprise. Chaithra Rai of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, who also happens to be Akarsh’s co-actor, joined Team Gaja.

Stay tuned to ZEE5 and catch the episode before TV, on Sunday, September 29. Find entertainment with Pradeep Machiraju in Konchem Touch Lo Unte here. 

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