EXCLUSIVE BTS: These Photos Straight From The Sets Of The Latest Bangla TV Serial Kadambini Will Make Your Day!

We got you these glimpses from behind the scenes of this popular Bangla TV show starring Ushasi Ray! Check them out.


July 27, 2020


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The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Kadambini explores the life of Dr Kadambini Ganguly, the first female doctor in Bengal! Actor Ushasi Ray plays the role of the the titular protagonist, and truly shines as this great historical pioneer. Dr Kadambini inspires us in several ways even today. She bravely challenged archaic societal norms in her day, and made many breakthroughs that paved the way for all women in the future.  Here are some photos from behind the scenes of the TV show that you will love. Check them out!

Watch an episode from Kadambini right here:

1. Pensive Kadambini

Source: ZEE5

Ushasi Ray looks deep in thought in this scene from Kadambini. Her long tresses braided neatly in two, Kadambini poses in a corner of this grand old-world building with her arms crossed in front of her. What do you think she is thinking about?

2. Enraptured 

Source: ZEE5

Kadambini looks absolutely overjoyed in this photo! Has she received the news that she will be allowed to go to Kolkata to study medicine yet? Kadambini was fortunate enough to have the support of her parents to pursue her dreams, and it was her father, Braja Kishore Basu, who encouraged her to study medicine and gave her the permission to move from her home in Bhagalpur and settle in the big city, in order to do this.

3. A Lighthearted Moment

Source: ZEE5

In this heartwarming snap, Ushasi Ray is seen sharing a light moment with her junior co-star on the set. The two are pointing and laughing at something that looks like a mask! We wonder what joke they have cracked!

4. Old-School Charm

Source: ZEE5

Take a look at this gorgeous architecture of the building in the photo! These high ceilings and tall pillars were traditional in Bengal, and we can get an eyeful of it here. Kadambini is beaming with delight after arriving at her school in Kolkata, and we love it!

5. Envisioning The Future

Source: ZEE5

In this picture, we see Kadambini looking hopefully out into the world with Dr Dwarkanath Ganguly behind her. Dr Dwarkanath, a Brahmo Samaj reformer, was Kadambini’s headmaster in school. He was her mentor and inspired her to pursue her ambitions fearlessly and relentlessly. He was the one who had promised her parents that he would take full responsibility for her in Kolkata. Later, Kadambini went on to marry him!

Which of these behind-the-scenes photos from Kadambini did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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