EXCLUSIVE: Bhinna Director Adarsh Eshwarappa Talks About His Passions

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October 9, 2019

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And finally, we have our very own first-ever Kannada ZEE5 Original film called Bhinna, and man it is absolutely worth the watch! Helmed by the talented director Adarsh H Eshwarappa, a mechanical engineer student, who went on to take a short film course before bringing to us not one but two priceless gems in the form of Bhinna and his 2017 debut film Shuddhi.

Bhinna looks at the life of the protagonist called Kaveri, played by Paayal Radhakrishna, who is an aspiring actress and gets a script for her next film. As usual, she takes her bike and rents a cabin deep in a forest to read the script. Unfortunately for her, characters from the script start coming to life in the form of the people she knows in real life, parallelly problems are going on in her married life. The film maintains a well-balanced screenplay from start to finish.

Recently, you must have read the first part of our EXCLUSIVE interview with the director? Today, we are here with the second set of questions where Adarsh spoke about why he chose this particular cast, what are his other passions and which platform of entertainment he prefers as a director. Keep scrolling for the enjoyable excerpts…

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Q. What was the ideology behind using the same cast for Shuddhi as for Bhinna?
A. It was definitely about the comfort level. Till now I have not worked with stars, as in, the people I have worked with have been in theatre for a long time and are very good performers for sure. And there is a process I follow before I start filming which is basically to go through a workshop and rehearse for which the actors have to spend at least one to one-and-a-half months of time with me, from morning till evening.

So I am not sure how many people are flexible enough to come and do all that. These actors had done it with me in Shuddhi already. Therefore, it was a very easy decision for me to bring them on board. Also, the way the characters were written, they fit the bill.

There is one very urban character which Shashank is playing and there is one character played by Siddharth, who speaks a lot of Kannada and doesn’t use much of English in his conversations. So, the characters were actually tailor-made for these people. It was a very easy decision to, you know, choose them to be a part of the film.

Q. TV, OTT, Films – Do you find a difference as a director between these three mediums of entertainment?
A. I shouldn’t be saying this but I have the least love for TV (laughs) because of the ads, there is so much of interruption when you are watching TV. At least for the kind of films I make, I think you have to watch it in one sitting, so there cannot be an ad coming in between and ruining your experience. OTT is a very personal experience, so the only thing I advise to people, who want to watch films on OTT is to use a very good set of headphones.

I would also suggest not to make it a community experience for OTT, as in don’t sit with a home theatre system. Yes, if it is a good home theatre system then sure you can sit with the family and watch it, uninterrupted. If not, make it an individual experience I mean that is what I do when I watch a film on any OTT platform for that matter, I have a really good set of headphones which I wear, turn off the lights and just watch the film in one go.

So that’s what I would advise people, uh, that’s how the film has to be watched on OTT is what I believe, that’ll give you the kind of experience that you are supposed to get from the film. And films, of course, that is a community experience, it definitely has to be with a group of people in a theatre where everyone experiences the same emotion at a time. So I personally am okay with both theatre (films) and OTT, but again, as I said, there is a specific way to watch the film which has to be uninterrupted (laughs), so I think we will just have to follow that.

Q. Apart from directing, do you have any other passions?
A. Actually, more than directing I would say I love editing. That is a craft I love above all in the field of filmmaking so I have been editing from my short film days. So whatever I have learnt about directing or writing a screenplay is because of my editing skills. It is mainly because I think like an editor even while directing, because of which there will not be much of wastage.

I don’t shoot unnecessary footage because I know what I want as an editor. And the same thing happens even when I am writing because when I am writing itself I edit my film as in the screenplay is so precise that everything is decided, like what will be shot and what will come out eventually. So my favourite craft if you ask me is editing in filmmaking. Of course, I enjoy the remaining crafts as well but editing is the most favourite part of filmmaking for me.

If you are a fan of this talented director, I am sure you will stay tuned for the third and final part of this CANDID interview with Adarsh Eshwarappa, coming soon.

Watch the Navarasa Nayaka starrer Premier Padmini for more entertainment on ZEE5.

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