Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Photos From The Streets of Badnaam Gali, A ZEE5 Original Film

Kenneth Carneiro

May 14, 2019


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Divyendu Sharma And Patralekha Star In Badnaam Gali


Movies with a social message are all the rage these days. Badnaam Gali is a worthy addition to this list. This movie, starring Patralekha and Divyendu Sharma, deals with surrogacy. This film touches on a unique and taboo topic. The comedic touch makes it entertaining and even engaging to the viewer.

Watch the trailer for Badnaam Gali here. Then, Take a look at life in Badnaam Gali, off camera.

Patralekha who has previously starred in in the horror comedy, Nanu Ki Janu, turns to social comedy with Badnaam Gali. Divyendu Sharma, her co-star from Pyaar Ka Punchnama fame, joins her in this comic caper.

Patralekha Plays The Role Of A Surrogate Mother


Patralekha, who’s character is names Nayanika, plays the role of a women who gives birth to surrogate babies. She portrays a character who finds honour in what she does despite what people around her may say.

Divyendu Sharma Is A New Resident In Badnaam Gali


Diyendu Sharma plays the character of Randeep, a new resident in Badnaam Gali who is unaware of Patralekha’s reputation in the colony.

Randeep Is Looking For Peace In Badnaam Gali


Randeep (Divyendu Sharma) is tired of his life and is looking for peace. He comes to Badnaam Gali to be with his Buaji.

Nayanika Provides For Her Family Through Surrogacy


Nayanika (Patralekha) provides for herself and the family through surrogacy pregnancies. She is a sweet but sarcastic woman who doesn’t listen to people when they question her character.

Dolly Ahluwalia Plays The Role Of Randeep’s Buaji


Dolly Ahluwalia fits the role of a Punjabi aunty perfectly. She brings her quirky character from movies like Vicky Donor to Badnaam Gali.

Paritosh Sand Plays The Role Of Randeep’s Father


Paritosh Sand puts in a breakthrough performance that will leave you in a laughing fit. His role is different from the usually cultured characters he portrays.

Randeep And Nayanika Don’t Get Along At First


Randeep dislikes Nayanika and doubts her way of life after hearing about her through other people. However, different situations keep bringing them together.

Randeep Begins Helping Nayanika With Her Pregnancy


Randeep has a change of heart when he finds out about Nayanika’s reality. However, they are still only friends.

The Surrogate Parents Visit Badnaam Gali


Nayanika calls the parents of the baby which she is carrying. However, things go wrong during one of their visits which turns the movie on its head.

Nayanika Counts Down The Days To Her Pregnancy


Nayanika is pregnant with a child she will end up giving someone else. Things begin to get out of control as the due date comes near.

Patralekha Pulls Off A Challenging Role


Nayanika (Patralekha) is alone against society’s opinions of her and she handles everything that comes her way with ease.

Divyendu Sharma Takes A Breather On The Sets Of Badnaam Gali


Randeep (Divyendu Sharma) is a man looking for peace in this movie but ends up in the most confusing situations he could have imagined.

Ashwin Shetty Makes His Directorial Debut With Badnaam Gali


Badnaam Gali is a new concept and it only makes sense to have a new director to handle the topic. Watch this unique story unfold only on ZEE5.

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