Exclusive: Ashish Joshi Reveals Who His Closest Friends Are From The Phulpakhru Family

The actor, who plays Sameer’s character, talks about his close buddies in real life!

Manjiri Shete

January 3, 2020


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One could thank the long shooting hours for forging a true friendship between the actors. Standing true to this testament, we have the Phulpakhru boys Yashoman Apte and Ashish Joshi. They both have journeyed together through the highs and the lows in real and reel life. As if to confirm our belief about their bond, Ashish Joshi even told us how much he loves pranking Yashoman just for the fun of it. The actor just didn’t stop there, he had a lot to say about his co-star! Are you curious? We have the details just for you!

Before you proceed, watch Phulpakhru below:

Ashish and Yashoman’s characters Sameer and Manas in Phulpakhru are best of friends. Much like their onscreen bond, even in real life, these actors have a strong bromance going in between them. Recently, in a chat with Ashish, we were keen to know the people whom he is close to in real life. The actor was quick to reveal Yashoman’s name! Along with him, Ashish stated that shares a tight friendship with Advait Kadne and Priyanka Tendolkar who are also a part of Phulpakhru family.

Yashoman Apte and Ashish Joshi
Source: ZEE5

Earlier, Ashish also told that he loves teasing Yashoman who hates sweets. The actor secretly feeds Yashoman with desserts during their lunchtime on the sets of the show. Getting tired of this, Yashoman had to finally start taking lunch away from the cast.

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