Exclusive: Ashish Joshi Reveals How He Relates To Sameer In Phulpakhru

Sameer maybe a jolly person but he also has an emotional side, revealed the actor.

Manjiri Shete

May 28, 2019


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If there’s anything better than watching Phulpakhru is talking to the cast about its making. We love knowing their formula of getting into the characters that they bring alive in front of us. Sticking by our words, we grilled Ashish Joshi who essays Sameer’s character onscreen. Being ever so generous with words, the actor told us what exactly makes him similar to Sameer!
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Before beginning to reveal his commonalities with Sameer, the Phulpakhru actor said he isn’t a womaniser like the way Sameer is. However, when it comes to dealing with friendships Ashish and his character are both on the same page. He said, “ I think when it comes to friendships, we have to available to your friends. Sameer is flirtatious, but Ashish is nowhere close to it. I am jealous of Sameer at the length he can go for his friends because Ashish is held back because of limitations.”
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Further, Ashish went on to explain, “Sameer maybe a jolly person but he also has an emotional side. He tends to keep that hidden somewhere and still takes care of everyone else. I always made sure that Sameer shouldn’t be Ashish. At the same time, I made sure that a character shouldn’t have so much impact on my real life, that I start behaving like Sameer. I had to consciously learn that.”
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