Exclusive: Ashish Joshi Reveals How He Pranks On Yashoman Apte During Phulpakhru Shoot

The actors who share a healthy friendship in real-life tell us their behind the scene masti.

Manjiri Shete

May 8, 2019


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You must’ve heard the mantra ‘work hard, play hard’. The one team that seems to take it seriously is the cast of Phulpakhru. After working hard through the erratic and long shooting hours, the cast makes sure they have the same amount of fun when the camera goes off. Meaning, along with sharing a ton of inside jokes, our favourite gang loves to pull pranks on each other. Recently, in a candid chat with Ashish Joshi, he revealed how he loves to prank Yashoman Apte, who essays Manas’ role in Phulpakhru. Here’s what he had to say.

Before you proceed, watch Phulpakhru below:

As if the relationship goals that Manas and Vaidehi weren’t enough, we got distracted by the fun activities that take place on the sets of Phulpakhru! Speaking about this, Ashish, who plays Sameer’s character, said, “Yashoman is not fond of sweets. So, during lunch, we are always feeding him desserts on the sets. He, then, gets irritated.” He further added that after being baited many times, finally, Yashoman has started going to a corner and eating.

Ashish Joshi and Yashoman Apte from Phulpakhru
Ashish Joshi and Yashoman Apte from Phulpakhru (Source: Instagram)

After hysterically laughing on this prank, we did sympathise for Yashoman’s naiveness. However, this is all fun and games as the bromance between the two co-stars is still going strong. Meanwhile, we were quick to ask the Phulpakhru actor if ever Hruta Durgule has been his target. He quickly responded that they don’t make fun of her as much as Yashoman because of her docile nature.

Let us know in the comments sections, what are the most memorable prank you have played on your friends?

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