Exclusive: Abhijeet Shwetchandra Reveals How He Relates To Pratap From Saajana

Like his character in Saajana, Abhijeet cannot stand wrong ideas in life.

Manjiri Shete

May 6, 2019


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The rural love story of Saajana delivers us a delicious blend of romance and drama. Abhijeet Shwetchandra who plays the lead in the serial has a rustic charm to his personality. After showing his powerful moves in the action-packed show Baaji, he has now chosen a calmer role in Saajana. So, when he got talking to the actor about his magical formula of getting into Pratap’s character, he had a lot to say.

Watch the latest episode of Saajana below:

In the candid interview, Abhijeet revealed that he loved the concept of this twisted love story. On asking, what mainly attracted him to Pratap’s character, he said, “He is a very soft-hearted person. Even though he comes from a political background because of his father, Pratap is straightforward. More importantly, he tightly bound to his roots and to Mother Earth. He also stands up for the wrong fundamentals.”

After discussing this, the actor also dished out how he finds himself similar to Pratap. Abhijeet told us, like his character, even he can’t stand wrong ideas in real life. Both real and real-life sides of the Saajana actor are connected to farming and he is staunchly against chemical use in farming. He said, ” I had gone to Palghar district, where they had done organic farming. After seeing that, I realised, when you use don’t spray too many chemicals, the crops can thrive with and without much rainfall. Chemical farming also directly causes harm to our health as the chemicals seep into the plants through vegetable and fruits that we eat. Like my character Pratap, even Abhijeet feels that this incorrect practice is passing from generation to generation. ”

Taking this an inspiration from his real-life personality traits, he tries to play the character of Pratap. What are your thoughts on Abhijeet’s views? Let us know in the comments below.

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