Every Marathmoli Mulgi Will Approve Of Khushboo Tawde’s Lai Bhaari Avatar!

Take notes as the Aamhi Doghi actress dishing out ample of style inspiration!

Manjiri Shete

October 10, 2019


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What’s more shocking than Aditya not getting married to Meera? It is Meera’s dramatic change in fashion. The absence of Aditya by her side isn’t making her compromise with her style statements on social media, as she is seen experimenting with sarees. We see the actress Khushboo Tawde playing Meera’s role in Aamhi Doghi. Taking a break from the usual attire, Khushboo went back to her Maharashtrian roots and wore a nauvari while basking in the sun.

Watch Aamhi Doghi below:

In Aamhi Doghi, Khushboo Tawde has a hard life as she has to battle the negativity coming from Aditya and Madhura. But, this time the actress signified none of this negativity will touch her as she got draped in a nauvari saree. In the bygone era, this saree stood for women’s competency in front of men. Usually, this saree, which has nine yards, is worn by a Maharashtrian bride during weddings or women wear it during Gudi Padwa and Ganesh Chaturthi. The most renowned nauvari is the one woven in Paithani silk.

Khushboo completed the whole look by teaming it up with the right jewels. Apart from the prominent (and heavy) neckpieces, Khushboo was wearing Vaaki and Nath with heavy gold earrings. With those expressions and poses, the Aamhi Doghi actress looked like traditional Lavani dancers who are famous for this attire.

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