Enjoy The King Of Fruits At Home With Sanjeev Kapoor’s Hot Mango Pudding Recipe

Sneha Bale

April 15, 2020


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Summers are here and so is this King of all fruits, Mango! Most people hate to sweat and the extra work that goes into keeping yourself hydrated in this season. But mangoes are the one thing that everyone loves without a doubt. Popular and most loved Chef of our country, Sanjeev Kapoor found a couple of mangoes lying around and decided to make something that he wasn’t too sure of. But what came out happened to be a yummy and hot mango pudding.

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The recipe to make hot mango pudding is simple and yet highly enjoyable. Start by washing and peeling the mangoes. Slice them into small pieces and store them in a bowl. Be sure to use a sharp knife and cut the mangoes well, because it helps in making the dish look appealing. Now, take another glass bowl, which is heat-resistant. Break two eggs and add only the yolks to your glass bowl.

To the yolks, add some sugar depending on the sweetness you desire and the sweetness of the mangoes. Add a good dollop of fresh cream into the yolks and whip it well until you have a smooth liquid consistency. Take a pan or a vessel and boil water in it. When the water starts simmering, keep the glass bowl over it and use it as a double boiler. Add some piece of the sliced mangoes to it. Continue stirring to melt mangoes into the mixture to achieve a rich yellow colour.

Mango Pudding
Mango Pudding

Now, take serving bowls and add the remaining slices of mangoes into them. Pour the hot mixture and set it aside. You can have it directly as a hot pudding or keep it in the refrigerator to enjoy a cold dessert. But, Sanjeev Kapoor adds a creme brulee touch to it and you can try it too. All you have to do is sprinkle a generous amount of brown sugar on top and allow it to bake well. Take it out and enjoy the delicious dessert.

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