Encounter Breaks Out Between Security Forces And Terrorists In Kashmir

Tensions mount after an encounter takes place at the Yamrach village in Kashmir’s Kulgam district between security forces and terrorists.

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May 14, 2020

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On Wednesday night, an encounter took place between the security forces and the terrorists at Yamrach village which lies on the South of Kashmir’s Kulgam district. It is estimated that two or three terrorists are hiding in the area. After the incident, the security forces surrounded the area and sealed it completely at night. Today morning, the search operations are being carried out. It is expected that the situation will be soon brought under control by the security forces of the nation and a thorough investigation of the incident will be carried out.

The tensions have already been mounting at our national borders. The neighbouring nations of India have been territorially aggressive which had led to many wars and fights across the borders. Recent incidents have only added more fuel to the fire. It remains to be seen what diplomatic actions will be taken to diffuse these tensions now.

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