Ekagrah Dwivedi Celebrates 5th Birthday With Giant Laddoo Cake On Set, See Exclusive Pics!

Jessica David

March 12, 2020


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The whole cast of Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram was present at Ekagrah Dwivedi’s birthday!


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ekagrah Dwivedi is the most loved child actor on &TV. Playing the character of Bal Hanuman aka Maruti on Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram at a tender age, Ekagrah has risen to fame since the mythological series aired on 7 January 2020. Merely five years old, his acting skills and dialogue delivery is remarkable! The cute kid celebrates his birthday on 11 March and 2020 marked his first one on the set, with the cast and crew, in Naigaon (Mumbai). Have a look at the happy photos:

Ekagrah Dwivedi was the centre of attraction as the lead cast gathered to wish him and cut two birthday cakes. Sneha Wagh (Anjani Devi), Jiten Lalwani (Maharaj Kesari), and Nirbhay Wadhwa (Vaanar-raj Bali) posed for a picture with little Maruti, who doesn’t smile so easily!

Ekagrah Dwivedi’s special birthday cake was shaped like a giant laddoo!


As Ekagrah Dwivedi shares a mutual love for laddoos with Maruti, the crew brought a giant cake shaped like the delicious sweet for him! It was bright orange and golden yellow in colour, like the marigold flower. The cherry on the cake (metaphorically) was the chopped dry fruits!

Ekagrah Dwivedi’s celebrates his 5th birthday with two cakes!


After the giant laddoo, came the second birthday cake! It was a black forest cake with icing that said ”Ekagrah Dwivedi Maruti”. The cake also had a ‘Happy Birthday’ tag, held by a cute teddy bear that resembled the birthday boy!

Sneha Wagh and Ekagrah Dwivedi posed with the giant laddoo cake for a click!


Sharing his excitement for the giant laddoo cake, Ekagrah Dwivedi posed with Sneha Wagh, who plays his on-screen mother Anjani . While being clicked, we could see his naughtiness in those eyes and that smile!

Maruti aka Ekagrah Dwivedi pounced on the giant laddoo cake to cut it!


After the first cake, Ekagrah Dwivedi went on to cut the second cake – the giant laddoo! It was so huge that Sneha Wagh had to help him to get through to the bottom of it. The smiles on everyone’s faces expressed their joy for the birthday boy’s five years!

Sneha Wagh fed Ekagrah Dwivedi a piece of the laddoo cake!


Little champ Ekagrah Dwivedi was elated as Sneha Wagh (Anjani Devi) fed him a large piece of the giant laddoo cake. To fit the whole bite, Ekagrah’s small mouth was wide open! Jiten Lalwani and Nirbhay Wadhwa enjoyed the cute sight.

It was Ekagrah Dwivedi’s turn to feed Sneha Wagh some cake!


Ekagrah Dwivedi funnily used both his hands and fed a piece of the giant laddoo cake to Sneha Wagh (Anjani Devi). She opened her mouth wide to take a large bite! It was a cute sight to watch for the co-actors, the crew, and the media!

Ekagrah Dwivedi and Sneha Wagh fed the birthday cake to Jiten Lalwani!


While feeding the birthday cake to everybody present at the table, Ekagrah Dwivedi took a piece of the giant laddoo cake and offered it to his on-screen father Jiten Lalwani (Kesari). Funnily enough, Ekagrah used both his little hands to hold the cake again!

Ekagrah Dwivedi also fed cake to Nirbhay Wadhwa aka his Uncle Bali!


Contrary to the enmity that Bali and Maruti share on-screen, Ekagrah Dwivedi fed a large piece of cake to Nirbhay Wadhwa excitedly! As Nirbhay opened his mouth to take a bite, Ekagrah mimicked his actions!

Kahat Hanuman child-actor gobbled up the giant laddoo birthday cake!


The little boy Ekagrah Dwivedi couldn’t resist hogging his own birthday cake! He took a large piece of the giant laddoo shaped cake and shoved the whole thing in his mouth! Surely, his eyes say that he got lost in the cake’s sweet taste.

Ekagrah Dwivedi stuffed his face with the giant laddoo cake!


Gobbling the giant laddoo cake which he loved, Ekagrah Dwivedi stuffed his mouth with a large piece. He looked extremely adorable as his already chubby cheeks swelled up even more! We bet that the birthday boy was having the time of his five-year-old life!

Little Maruti aka Ekagrah Dwivedi shared his joy with the crew members!


Unable to contain his excitement and joy, Ekagrah Dwivedi was up to some mischief! He pulled the cheeks of Priyanshu and Mohit – two members from the creative team of the show. Both of them were such great sports to click a funny picture with the kid!

Ekagrah Dwivedi enjoyed a photoshoot on the set after his birthday celebration!


Wrapping up the cake-cutting and birthday celebration, the crew organised an exclusive photo session for little Maruti. Ekagrah Dwivedi posed for a picture holding the wooden bars of a vehicle from the olden times on the set. The vaanar kid smiled cutely!

Ekagrah Dwivedi thanked everyone who was present at his 5th birthday celebration. He sent out loads of love and sweet wishes to all of his viewers and fans! Show him some love back by commenting in the box below!

To watch more of Ekagrah Dwivedi aka Maruti’s cuteness, catch all the episodes of the &TV show Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram, streaming exclusively on ZEE5!

Sneha Wagh aka Anjani Devi gave Ekagrah Dwivedi a big birthday gift!


After the cutting and feeding of the cake were done, Ekagrah Dwivedi’s on-screen mother Sneha Wagh surprised him with a birthday present! Rather large in size, the gift was held by little Maruti and Anjani Devi to pose for a happy picture.

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