Ek Ghar Mantarlela 8 July 2019 Written Update: Gargee Hides Her Plan From Nilay

When Nilay comes home, Gargee hides the chart behind the curtains so that he won’t be able to see it.

Ashutosh Oak

July 8, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Gargee meets Kshitij and warns him against moving into Mrutyunjay bungalow because it is dangerous for him and his family. She also tells him that she had met his family in the Mrutyunjay bungalow way before she met them in real life. Hearing this, Kshitij smirks and questions how a person like her can say such things. He then tells her to prove whatever she wants to say.

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In tonight’s episode, Gargee makes a chart of all the incidents and people related to Mrutyunjay bungalow. A few moments later, Nilay comes to meet Gargee and she hides the chart behind the curtains. He tells her that everyone is waiting for the next episode of their reality show Bhas Abhas and Sanjay Sir is disappointed because they couldn’t submit the previous episode in time.

While Nilay is talking, he observes that Gargee is lost in her own thoughts. He asks her when is she joining the team back so that they can plan for their next shoot. She tells him that she needs some more time to recover. Nilay then suggests Gargee to take rest and let Sara handle the show for a while. The latter immediately refuses this and tells him that they will start planning soon.

At Kshitij’s house, Aakash, Sakshi and their aunty return after a walk. Aakash tells Kshitij that Sakshi was feeling better when she was out and did not talk about Avani even once. Later that day, Sakshi tells the maid that Avani is angry on all of them and is hiding in the cupboard. Just then the cupboard starts shaking and opens on its own. Seeing this, the maid goes downstairs and asks Kshitij’s aunt to allow her to take a leave.

Gargee decides to get information about inspector Ghorpade’s death and goes to the police station. There she learns that the inspector was fit and fine and wasn’t a heart patient.

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