Ek Ghar Mantarlela 29 April 2019 Written Update: Gargee Moves To Mrutyunjay With Her Team

After convincing Nilay and agreeing to his conditions, the team comes to stay in Mrtyunjay Bungalow.

Ashutosh Oak

April 29, 2019


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In the previous episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Gargee manages to convince Nilay to let her go with the whole team. He finally agrees but on the condition that the team has to follow his rules. Gargee goes back home and tells Swati that she will be visiting the bungalow again with her team. Her parents do not allow but eventually, she manages to convince and she leaves with her luggage.

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In tonight’s episode, Gargee’s mother Swati is complaining about Gargee to her father. She tells her father that once she comes back from the bungalow after seven days, she will ask her to leave the job. Kiran Mavshi comes home and Gargee’s parents tell her about Gargee’s decision to stay there for the next seven days. 

Gargee and team reach near the Mrutyunjay bungalow and are waiting for Kshitij. While waiting outside the bungalow, Gargee is sleeping in the van and a little girl wakes her up by knocking on her window. She is trying to tell something to Gargee but she is not audible due to the window. When Gargee tries to open the window, Nilay comes there and asks Gargee what is she doing. Gargee tells him that she wants to talk to the little girl, but Nilay tells her that there no one.

A few moments later, Kshitij comes and before entering the bungalow, he gives strict instructions to the team that during their stay, if any property in the bungalow gets damaged, then he will hold them responsible. Nilay then asks Kshitij that since he has come, he shall also accompany them inside the bungalow so that they can see the condition of the bungalow to avoid further misunderstanding.

Kiran Mavshi comes to know that the locket she kept near Gargee has gone missing and is now with Suresh. She prays to the god to help her find Suresh and get the locket. Just then, Suresh comes to Kiran Mavshi’s house and seeing him Mavshi feels better as he has the locket.

While walking in the bungalow, Gargee recalls the last time she was there and met Avani. Just then Nilay comes there and takes Gargee to the room where all the team members are waiting.

Was the little girl who met Gargee outside the bungalow trying to save Gargee? Watch the next episode to know more.

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