Ek Ghar Mantarlela 12 May 2019 Written Update Episode: Gargee To Get Sacrificed?

Jakhoba then tells her that she has been chosen by the owner of the bungalow to be sacrificed.

Ashutosh Oak

May 12, 2019


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In the previous episode of Ek Ghar Mantarlela, Nilay convinces Gargee to stop search as they have found nothing apart from the spooky experiences. Later that day, Gargee’s parents ask Kiran Mavshi if they should visit Gargee in the Mrutyunjay, but Kiran Mavshi tells them that she has to go out with Suresh for some important work. While returning home, Kiran Mavshi tells Suresh that she should take the Kakan to the temple as soon as possible; till then Gargee is on her own. The episode ends with Sameedha listening to them from a distance and waiting for the last day of Gargee in the house.

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In the special episode, Gargee convinces Nilay to stay in the bungalow for the last few days and try their best to find out the secret. Nilay agrees to but tells Gargee that before continuing with the work they should take a walk. While walking, Nilay gets a call from Pakya and he tells him that his mother is not keeping well. Hearing this, Gargee and Nilay decide to leave the bungalow and go home.

While Gargee is packing her bag, she suddenly feels severe pain and falls down on the floor. A moment later she wakes up and walks towards the door. But she is not the real Gargee one as she is still lying on the floor. Nilay travels back with her spirit and gets down near his house and tells the rickshaw driver to drop Gargee at her home but the rickshaw doesn’t see anyone behind and thinks that Nilay might be drunk.

Gargee wakes up at night tries to look for Nilay, she then opens the door of the bungalow and sees that it is already midnight. Upon turning back she sees Jakhoba standing with a man and a little girl whom she met before when she accidentally entered the bungalow. Next morning, Gargee wakes up and finds herself tied up. She somehow manages to free herself and goes to the CCTV camera room. While checking the CCTV footage she sees Sameedha in the monitor and gets shocked. She feels that someone is standing behind her and the moment she turns back, she finds that it is Jakhoba.

Kiran Mavshi is afraid that Gargee is still in Mrutyunjay bungalow alone. She rushes to Gargee’s house and tells her parents that Gargee is in danger. She tells them that she has to leave for the Mrutyunjay bungalow as soon as possible. Gargee’s parents get ready to come along with her but she gives them a holy book and asks them to read it till the time Gargee comes back home. Listening to this, Gargee’s parents get shocked and are worried about their daughter.

At the bungalow, Jakhoba explains Gargee that it was her destiny to come to the bungalow. He tells her that she is chosen to be sacrificed. He then reminds her that everything that has been happening to her from the last week was not a mere coincidence.

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