Eight Scenes In ZEE5 Original Chadarangam That Prove Meka Srikanth Deserves More Credit

Sneha Bale

March 11, 2020


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1. The benevolent superstar

The latest ZEE5 Telugu original, Chadarangam is a huge hit. Viewers and critics are raving about this political-drama, starring Meka Srikanth, endlessly. The show spans over nine episodes and uncovers many layers of various political scenarios. One of the biggest reason for this show to strike the chord with the audiences lies in the director, Raj Anantha’s efficiency in bringing out the human side of many politicians. Most will agree with us when we state this show as the career-best performance of its lead actor. Here are eight scenes that prove our point!

Watch the trailer of the show here:

In the first episode, Gangadhar (Srikanth) is seen waving at his fans from the roof of his guest house. His smile expresses the honesty and gratefulness that the actor holds for his fans and followers. He runs an extra mile by inviting them all for lunch and serving them himself. You cannot help but smile back.

2. Standing up for justice

Later in the same episode, we see this extremely benevolent actor scolding the same set of fans. However, neither the fans nor you can be mad or upset at this behaviour. Because at the core of his reaction lies the need for standing up to a girl’s dignity and standing against the ruffian-like behaviour of his fans.

3. Stepping down without argument

As the show progress, the actor decides to step into politics for the greater good of his people. But entering into politics isn’t a cakewalk and he is reminded of it in the middle of the night. What does he do when a drunkard asks him to leave the guest house? The superstar personality packs his bags and leaves. Not a single word spoken. No disappointment expressed.

4. All for equality

When Gangadhar finally inches closer to achieving the CM’s seat, he sits down and unleashes his inner fears in a candid conversation. This scene is extremely crucial on two grounds. One, the actor feels little inconvenience to shed his masks in front of a subordinate. Second, the actor-turned-politician accepts his vices and embraces them in others too.

5. A regular husband at home

One fine day at home, Gangadhar practises his speech inside the four walls of his bedroom. His wife sits by the bedside and completes her household chores. When the actor-turning-politician gets too carried away, all the wife has to do is look at him. And the husband understands that at home he is a regular husband who cannot disturb others.

6. The face of vulnerability

When problems start unravelling themselves, even this strongest orator-politician falls weak. This frame, particularly, captures the unarmed and helplessness in Gangadhar.

7. A concerned father, a scared leader

At one point, everything seems to work against the clock set by Gangadhar. His son battles between life and death, while his wife clings to him for hope. His party goes corrupt and his morals stand challenged in every headline and article. Faking a brave face seem difficult enough, but how does one keep going ahead without entirely breaking down?

8. The subtle sense of aristocracy

After Gangadhar announces his decision to dissolve the party and contest for election, in the midst of his term, the wolf inside him growls with excitement. All odds seem to be against him. But something within the idealistic and aspirational politician tells him that there is little to worry about. And finally, when victory blesses him once again, the actor shows how one decision had changed him from benevolence to aristocracy.

Just like that show, we’ll leave you lingering on this note. Let us know your views on the actor and the show in the comments down below. Don’t forget to watch Chadarangam on ZEE5, if you haven’t already watched it.

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